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Flirting! :D


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Jun 13, 2009
Do you like to flirt? Are you any good at it? What types of flirting gets to you?

I'm a HUGE flirt. I flirt with any cute/interesting chick I run across. (flirt-whore :D)

I'm a very subtle flirt. I don't use any pick-up lines, or direct statements. I allways joke and make indirect statements about things I like in girls and what-nots to sway the fairer sex.

In terms of flirting that gets me... I love the direct approch, though good subtle flirting back allways makes for more interesting conversations.

So INFJs and friends... What do you think on the matter?
I can see where you got your topic inspiration from, you dastardly rake.

I personally love to banter. I don't do the drawing circles on kneecaps while delicately batting my eyelashes thing. It's just not me and if I tried to do something like that, I'd look like an utter idiot.

I'm more intrigued by a wordplay and banter. Man or woman, I love a contest of wit. If it somehow turns into 'flirting,' that's about the only flirting I do. I don't consciously seek it out. If I ever do... well, I might attempt the foolery referred to above.
This is all for SCIENCE!

Don't be afraid to post, even if all your posting is that you don't like to/receive flirt(ing)
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I never flirt, I don't want to flirt, I don't know how to flirt, I hate being around people when they're flirting...

Basically, I'm no fun. :p

same here :D

I should really stop replying to these specific type of threads, where my answer is always the same...
Do I like to flirt? Yes. Am I good at flirting? Obviously not, and I didn't know there were types of flirting.

why do you have to flirt when the girl likes you

and you like the girl.......

then it's :m091:SOOOOOO OOOOOOONNNNN!!!!!!!



i never flirted......... i don't flirt........ i don't want to flirt......and i will not flirt......

i will NEVER:m145: flirt.....

i am not a flirt or a flirter....... whatever you wanna call them.....

i find people who flirt with me creep:meye:y.....especially super flirts..:m162:. like the guy in the dance studio......
Such extremities. You love it or hate it. Or so they say...
Well, this is staring to show what I allready believed... Introverts don't/suck at/don't know when they are flirt(ing)!

VVVVVEdited for that girl VVVVVV
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Interesting notion. I've seen introverts flirt, however. They just don't know they are doing it.
I'm not a fan of flirting, personally. Nothing against those who do it. It's not my thing though. What bothers me is that people think I'm flirting when I'm not. So to those people:

If I'm smiling at you, it means I'm full of love for humanity and including you in that sentiment. It doesn't mean anything else. I smile at everyone, when I'm in a positive mindset. That doesn't mean you're not special either. You are, but I'm not trying to pick you up.

If I pay you a compliment it's because I sense you are feeling low and need to be reminded about your strengths - I never lie - I just pick whatever is true and positive (according to me) about you and tell you that. It doesn't mean I 'like' you. It just means I empathise with your low self esteem and want you to feel better.

When people flirt with me, I know it. I can tell when they're a friendly smiler or when there's something more to it (I wish people could tell that about me too). I don't like being flirted with. Sure it's nice to think someone finds me attractive, but there's this whole weight attached to it. It demands some response or else I'd be rudely ignoring the sentiment. So what do I do? I smile back, but the friendly smile, only they don't know it's a friendly smile - they think it's me liking them back. I sense that, and feel bad, cos it's like I'm leading them on, but I'm not. I just don't want to be rude. As for the direct approach, well I gained weight so as not to have to deal with that so much. Sounds funny coming from a guy, but I was always being chatted up/whistled at etc and it made me feel quite uncomfortable. I don't want to deal with that. I just want to be friends, with everyone.
I don't really flirt with anyone because I don't think that people would be interested. So, no i'm not good at it xD

As for other people flirting.. I'm completely oblivious to it and never notice if someone is.
Flirting isn't for me. I don't want to send those kind's of signals to the wrong person. It can also seem superfluous at times as well, and it would just be easier to talk to the person, and say what you mean. I do notice if someone is flirting, and if someone is flirting at me. A lot of the times though I am taken aback by though and it usually pushes me away, particulary if I don't know the person.
I like flirting, but it feels like an atrophied muscle at the moment. I've been depressed for awhile and I feel like I'm just now starting to come out of it. On top of that, it's hard for me to flirt with someone I don't have any natural chemistry with.

I want to exercise that muscle, though. School needs to hurry up and start. :p
Flirting is a waste of time. I always read signals wrong and it just leaves me feeling bitter.

Flirting sucks!
Flirting is a waste of time. I always read signals wrong and it just leaves me feeling bitter.

Flirting sucks!

I couldn't have said it better! :)
I don't flirt. If an interested party approaches me I immediately launch into talking about something serious and expect a conversation, not smooth small-talk peppered with innuendos. Ew. Fortunately, my ways are off-putting for those types.

I think a lot of my attention is mistaken for flirting. I tend to search people when I look at them (if it's someone I don't know or am only acquainted with) because I'm curious about people. So I've been approached for 'giving the eye.' Which I am quick to correct.

Sort of like what Helpful Elf said. Only my attention is not in friendliness and love, but curiosity.
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I don't have a clue how to flirt, and I've never noticed if anyone was flirting with me. I did read in a magazine that you should tilt your head a bit to the side. . . so if I'm ever in a position to flirt (which has yet to happen . . . ) I will try that and hope beyond hope that the guy I'm talking to likes quiet and quirky. ^_^
Well... at least I'll have a better clue if I'm flirting with an INFJ or not...

I'm gonna start sending flirt PMs out just for fun, lol
I flirt constantly with females. Usually in a joking, but direct, sort of way that can be passed off as joking but still forces their minds to acknowledge me as a sexual being. The real kick though, I only seem to really be able to do it when I'm not that interested in them. If I actually am hoping for something to come of it, I freeze up and often studder. Unless there is alcohol involved. Then I get my groove on. ;P