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What is your enneagram. DO NOT vote if you do NOT know!

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1w2 sx/so/sp
This is going to be a mess of poll, but I love data (NOT the startreck one, you know who you are :D), so I wanna collect it. Which enneagram do you feel closest matches you? There are other threads on this information, and I came across this page (arby found it) which describes each type pretty well. There are also tests on enneagram that seem to work pretty well.

Maybe we can draw some patterns from this, maybe?

Please do not vote if you do not know your enneagram with decent certainty!
Meany Indy lol..I been struggling back and forth checking this page with the need to see my name on the poll xD..this is frustrating LOL.
What kinds of patterns do you predict you'll gather from this? If you have any
Woooooah @Silently Honest: and I are the same enneagram!

We should make a club.
Is this for INFJs only, or can I play too? :m168:

I'm a 7w6. And I know this with absolute certainty.

(my variant is sx/sp)

Sevens with the Six wing are generally more openly anxious and ungrounded than those with an Eight wing. They tend to be mercurial and charming and generally more sweet tempered and engaging than their Eight winged counterparts. Overall, there tends to be a more obviously manic quality to Sevens with the Six wing.

Sevens with an Eight wing are more success oriented, pragmatic and driven. They can be overbearing in the pursuit of their desires and are generally more aggressive and competitive than those with a Six wing.

Seven Stackings - Sexual/Self-pres

The energy of the sexual instinct is, in some ways, at odds with the type Seven fixation. The Seven’s focus is future oriented and outward, away from the inner world, while the sexual variant is instinctual and dwells on the inner self as far as relationships and identity are concerned. This combination can make for a Seven that can be Four-like in many ways. They can have a flamboyant style and be very moody and intense. In relationships, there is often a push-pull quality. They are very attracted to the falling in love part. The buzz and high of that is very stimulating to them, almost drug-like for them. Their problems come when that buzz wears off. They want to recreate it again and again, but they also have a way of becoming attached and sometimes very dependent on their romantic partners. On the down side, they can be very clingy but don’t want at the same time to lose their freedom. When unhealthy, they can be very selfish in these relationships, things become one-sided in a way that favors the interests of the Seven.

The sexual/self-pres Seven’s addictive behavior with relationships can extend to other areas, like music, and performing in general. The rock star image and lifestyle can be attractive to the sexual Seven. Many rock stars are sexual Sevens the buzz they experience from music can be similar to what they experience in relationships. Creativity can also function as a release of frustration from the boredom.
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How can you deny this hunk indi?
4w3: tests were pretty consistent this time

Oh yeah, you couldn't tell before, theres a reason Shai Gar loves us so Patna!

It makes a lot of sense now :) I approve!
Last time I took one I got 5w6, but my 4 is normally higher (I vaguely recall that the first time I took it it came up 4w5, with the same scores for 9 as 5) so I think 5w4 is more accurate.

I believe I always come up as sp/sx.
I am a 5, no doubt. The wing is VERY balanced. I do a little of both and they seem to go in phases. Ultimately, I think 4 wins for the wing.

Fives with a Four wing tend to be somewhat more emotionally centered than those with a Six wing and also tend to be more drawn to the arts and humanities, although this is hardly a rigid rule. Fives with a Four wing tend to be attuned to meaning and metaphor as much as to fact and function. Fives with a Six wing are often systematic thinkers who are drawn to more analytic disciplines than those with a Four wing. And they generally have an extra layer of detachment to their personality as compared to those with a Four wing. They are also more likely to be able to work within a system or to find a place for themselves in the world of business, academia and law than are the more impractical Four wingers.

Is this INFJ only? I won't vote if it is.
I'm either a 5w6 or a 6w5. I can't really figure out which at the moment. If I picked up a new project, I'd probably be a 5w6. Lately, I've been behaving like a 6w5.

Conquering the 6's basic fear in life seems impossibly daunting. The 5 part of me is easy, I just keep studying content until I feel solid at using and knowing it. 6 always rears its ugly head at one point or another.
Hmmm...it looks like there are more 1x2s than anything else here, which is what I am. I don't think I've ever been in the majority on anything before in my life! I wonder what it means, if anything.

5w4 for me
9w1, some pretty cool type twins I've got there!