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Do you ever think about doing really bad things?


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Mar 1, 2009
I don't mean consider actually doing them, but just imagining "what if?"

I find myself sitting around thinking of all sorts of really awful, rude, gross, or offensive things I could do. Sometimes I think of such bad things that I feel disgusted with myself for even imagining them. I would never actually do or even want to do these things, but they just go through my mind all the time.
It happens, the mind wanders, I wouldn't feel too bad about it. Being aware of it and rising above it is what makes us human.
Yes, but infrequently.

However, I feel discusted with myself when I think things along those lines (they are however, infrequent). When the thought passes my mind, it doesn't even feel like my own thought. I did not call on it, nor would I want to call on it, nor would I ever act upon it. I will tell myself "why are you thinking this, where did that thought come from", and then forciably push it out of mind. Like I said though, this is very infrequent.
Same here. I think it's just the nature of our brains.
I spent several months looking at pictures of dead people and how they died. Some of the photos were very gruesome at times. When I discovered that I had become desensitized I stopped looking at the pictures. Have not looked at that kinda stuff since. I was thinking of doing forensic photography and my buddies dad was one so he shared his work with me. I really liked the idea of it until I had to really deal with an autopsy of a woman who was violently murdered. I stayed and watched him taking pictures. Although I will never forget what I saw. That is when I decided to not choose that as a profession. I have had very disturbing thoughts at times I think everyone has at some point. Life can stress you in very interesting ways.
I do, and sometimes I get a good chuckle out of my own messed up thoughts.

I'm probably going to hell. See you there!
Yeah one time an image of myself hitting someone crossed my mind and I was like what in the world was that?
I definitely do...I don't want to say its infrequent but I don't want to say its often either...Sometimes it helps me to write about them if they are excruciatingly disturbing. Sometimes they make for good stories!
As an outsider's observation: It's interesting to see just how hard and strict INFJs are on themselves! I have never realized that you judge yourselves just as harshly (if not more harshly) than others.

It's perfectly normal to have thoughts in this direction. What determines a healthy, meandering mind from a dangerous, destructive mind is the tendency to think, discipline, and NOT act....

Perhaps you think differently though, and I respect that. Just wanted to give you another idea to think about...
Meh. Don't worry about 'em. Just don't let your mind wander onto them too often and never commit said acts.

I've planned out murders, arson, robbery, beating, destroying relationships, destroying the economy and just destroying everything I could. Why? Because I can. We don't have thought police yet, so why not go over the possibilities and explore those darker depths of human nature? Embrace that primal desire for destruction. It can be a fun realm to play in.

No, I wouldn't commit any of these acts. I'm all for love and peace. :3

Edit: My dad always loved to ask people he just met a question.
"Hey, have you ever just pictured yourself in your mind, vividly, taking a hammer and bashing someone's skull in?"
Rofl. They'd always give funny looks after that.
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That happens to me a lot, actually.

I used to be disgusted, but then I realized that no one else knows what I'm thinking, and I'm not going to act on them or talk about them, so who cares? Now, I almost embrace them, unless they're really gross (there's a difference between what "should be" gross according to society, and what really is just plain gross)
Psychologists could fill text books trying to explain my sexual fantasies alone.
Psychologists could fill text books trying to explain my sexual fantasies alone.

"My colleague thinks that the wallaby in fantasy #11 represents a cross between the halogen lamp in #4 and the mexican jumping bean in #47, but I disagree..."
I do it, more times than not.

Very wrong at times. I could limit it to times when I am really alone. Thinking about bad things and being around people will leave me bad. Especially when the people cares so much about me.
This isn't really bad per se.. But sometimes when talking to an acquaintance or a stranger in passing, I imagine making out with them.
Just right in the middle of a sentence.
Not as a sexual thing really, but just to see what would happen.
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