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Sep 20, 2009
do any INFJ's here keep a diary, any place where they record and reflect on their daily lives? I would sometimes write about my day, specially if I really need to express something..I like to do so by writing , I love doing this and releasing my emotions in this way..this also has sort of a calming effect one me..

anybody else keep a diary?
i used to but then i was afraid it would be found, so i stopped keeping one.
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I've kept one for most of my life. It's provided comfort for sure, but also pain.
There is a poll around somewhere about journal-keeping.
I used to keep, but no longer.
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I used to, religiously. But couldnt keep it up after a very hard emotional struggle.
A while back I would keep a journal, sort of. But I was also worried that someone would find it. atm, this forum is my make-shift journal/diary.
no but know i'm thinking about it
i've always had diaries since early high school ... i would start one and end it and start a new one. i used to use my planner as one, and then my brother found it (no big deal.. it was very boring) but i decided to go online after that.. recently i found a lot of my old journals and it was really interesting to see the change in writing style and also how i designed each journal
it was like a different person each time and the writing would bend a certain way

the oldest journal i found was the weirdest.. it was very much imaginary and all the things that happened in real life were twisted in a way to sound like it happened somewhere off planet earth.
i also drew pictures of myself in MS Paint, only using red black and white... i was miniature, only wore striped shirts. there were black trees, crows and a bit of sea in the distance. it was so wild and interesting, i didn't realise my imagination was like that at such a young age... and so uninhibited!
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I have a private online journal that I've been keeping up with since the summer before my first year of high school. It's great to be able to jot down anything when the mood strikes. Sometimes, when life is particularly sucky, I'll have an uncontrollable urge to write and I'll stalk around like a caged tiger until I do so. I feel trapped within my own mind until I can let it out on paper.

It helps me sort out my feelings, review situations and try to make sense out of everything.
I would like to, but I'm so busy with tennis, school, colleges, SATs, etc. But I really do need to get one though, I hear it helps you with writing. However, I'm worried my brother would get into my diary, anyone know any good diaries with good locks?
@ilovethewind Online journals are more reliable I think... livejournal.com has privacy settings
I have 4 blogs. Ha.

I also used to keep a paper journal, until sneaky males started reading when I wasn't looking. THAT made me angry.
Yes , i keep with myself, regularly update it to see results.
I have one to vent my frustrations but I rarely read it because it keeps saying the same stuff over and over again....
Nope....I'd never have anything to write about.
I have journaled all my life... had many, still have them.

I sometimes just grab a napkin or whatever I can get my hands on if I need to get something out.

I have a blog on here too.