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Class poll on prejudice


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May 11, 2008
This poll indicates how my sociology class voted. The category represents how close you would let such a person get to you. For example, a vote for "Friends" means you would allow the person to be a friend but not a member of your family. A vote tourist means that you would let them visit your community, but not live there. A vote for Expulsion or Genocide means exactly what you think it means. (And thankfully it seems I got the AIDs number wrong)

1. Native Americans

Family 36 Friends 20 Neighbors 11 Coworkers 6 Citizens4 Tourists2 Expulsion 2

2. Hispanic Americans

Family 39 Friends23 Neighbors 6 Coworkers 10 Citizens 2 Tourists 1 Expulsion 0

3. White Americans

Family 65 Friends 11 Neighbors 2 Coworkers 2 Citizens1 Tourists 0 Expulsion 0

4. Black Americans

Family 42 Friends 22 Neighbors 6 Coworkers 3 Citizens 4 Tourists 4 Expulsion 0

5. Asian Americans

Family 35 Friends 24 Neighbors 7 Coworkers 1 Citizens 8 Tourists 4 Expulsion 2

6. Arab Americans

Family 27 Friends 18 Neighbors 12 Coworkers 8 Citizens 8 Tourists 5 Expulsion 2 genocide 1

7. Ex-cons violent crime

Family 3 Friends 7 Neighbors 8 Coworkers 17 Citizens 16 Tourists 12 Expulsion 16 genocide 2

8. Ex-cons drug crime

Family 9 Friends 16 Neighbors 8 Coworkers 17 Citizens 13 Tourists 12 Expulsion 2 genocide 3

9. Ex-cons sex crimes

Family 5 Friends 4 Neighbors 3 Coworkers 9 Citizens 22
Tourists 12 Expulsion 21 genocide 8

10. Ex-cons white collar crime

Family 8 Friends 10 Neighbors13Coworkers 17 Citizens 17 Tourists 13 Expulsion 3

11. Gay males

Family 24 Friends 23 Neighbors 7 Coworkers 10 Citizens 7 Tourists 5 Expulsion 3 genocide 2

12. Lesbian females

Family 25 Friends 20 Neighbors 4 Coworkers 13 Citizens 7 Tourists 6 Expulsion 2 genocide 2

13. Intersexuals/Transsexuals

Family 17 Friends 15 Neighbors 8 Coworkers 9 Citizens 19 Tourists 6 Expulsion 3 genocide 2

14. Bisexuals

Family 24 Friends 19 Neighbors 9 Coworkers 10 Citizens 9 Tourists 6 Expulsion 3 genocide 1

15. Mentally Challenged

Family 36 Friends 18 Neighbors 9 Coworkers 3 Citizens 9 Tourists 3 Expulsion 2

16. Physically Challenged

Family 43 Friends 19 Neighbors 8 Coworkers 3 Citizens 4 Tourists 2 Expulsion 1 genocide 1

17. HIV positive / AIDS

Family 16 Friends 26 Neighbors 4 Coworkers 12 Citizens 15 Tourists 3 Expulsion 4 genocide 1

18. Catholics

Family 49 Friends 22 Neighbors 4 Coworkers 3 Citizens 1 Tourists 0 Expulsion 1

19. Protestants

Family 43 Friends 24 Neighbors 4 Coworkers 2 Citizens 6 Tourists 1 Expulsion 1 genocide 1

20. Evangelicals

Family 37 Friends 26 Neighbors 3 Coworkers 5 Citizens 5 Tourists 1 Expulsion 2

21. LDS

Family 45 Friends 21 Neighbors 2 Coworkers 3 Citizens4
Tourists 4 Expulsion 0 genocide 1

22. Muslim

Family 34 Friends 18 Neighbors 8 Coworkers 9 Citizens 6 Tourists 2 Expulsion 4

23. Jews

Family 40 Friends 21 Neighbors 8 Coworkers 5 Citizens 4 Tourists 0 Expulsion 1 genocide 1

24. Atheists

Family 34 Friends 18 Neighbors 7 Coworkers 11 Citizens 8 Tourists 1 Expulsion 1 genocide 1
What would be interesting is to see if there were any mbti correlations. I would put my money on SJs being more intolerant than the rest.
Scary, but not surprising. This is a small subject size but not too far off from the the general population, I think.

There is nothing there that I would deny the "neighbors" category, the breaking point preventing something higher being "sex crimes." I realize those people need a chance to reintegrate with society if they're to have any chance at not repeating their wrongdoing, but I'm not sure I could be the one to do it.
the thing about sex crimes is that it says "crimes" rather than "Rape/molestation"... There's a lot of sexual deviancy that's illegal, but I wouldn't prevent someone from joining my family for.
and for violent crimes, who knows what the stories behind them are. If you touch a police officer on the shoulder trying to be friendly while you attempt to work out differences and he wants to bust you for something, that right there is a violent offense, "Assaulting a Police Officer".
Exactly Shai. Those points have been mentioned in class...before this poll was given. What you see is the chosen narrowmindedness of the people in my area.
that makes me feel empty towards humans

You are not the only one.


See the area circled in red. My state is amoung those. Sociologist have examined this effect in the innermountain west and they have come to one conclusion about what causes the rates of prejudice, depression, and suicide in this area. The LDS church.
the outliers being Alaska because it's so damn isolated and cold, and west virginia because it's west virginia.
but West Virginia is almost heaven?
the outliers being Alaska because it's so damn isolated and cold, and west virginia because it's west virginia.

Sorry, these demographics are a bit old, but they were the best ones I could find.

LDS U.S. Statistics (2000):
  • Utah: 66.4%
  • Idaho: 24.1%
  • Wyoming: 9.5%
  • Nevada: 4.6%
  • Arizona: 4.0%
  • Montana: 3.3%
  • Oregon: 3.0%
  • Alaska: 3.0%
  • Washington: 3.0%
  • Hawaii: 2.7%
You know what they say about an excess of patriotism (local or national), it's for people who KNOW their place is shit and are trying to convince themselves otherwise. :( I see it all the time in the Northern Territory.

"I'd be very worried if I saw a man singing the national anthem and waving the flag, sir. It's really a thing foreigners do."

"Really? Why?"

"We don't need to show we're patriotic, sir. I mean, this is Ankh-Morpork. We don't have to make a big fuss about being the best, sir. We just know."
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the thing about sex crimes is that it says "crimes" rather than "Rape/molestation"... There's a lot of sexual deviancy that's illegal, but I wouldn't prevent someone from joining my family for.

I still felt like it as asking me to say something for all the people in that category, so I went with the ones I'd have the most reservations about.

Although now that I think about it, I remember one time during summer school a few years ago when I noticed an acquaintance had a band around his leg. I couldn't help noticing it, but I didn't ask him about it since I didn't see it as my business. He later volunteered the information that he had been convicted of rape, but claimed that the person had been willing at the time, but changed her mind after the fact.

So, what do you do there? On the one hand, his explanation is definitely something that happens, but on the other hand, it's probably the easiest excuse to pull. So I decided to commit myself to "I don't know if he did it, and I don't know if people who weren't convicted did it, so I guess I'll just treat him the same." Which wouldn't mean I'd leave him and a female friend alone in the room together, but I didn't make any effort to distance myself from him based on that. So I dunno, maybe even in that situation I'd be willing to be friends, with all other factors in line.

The family thing doesn't mean a lot to me because I'm not that big on family anyway, at least not now.
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Okay, now the AIDS result makes more sense.

I'm a bit confused about the definition of the "family" option, since you very rarely are able to choose your family members. If you choose "friends," does that mean that you would write off a family member who was within the category? Or does it mean that you would not be willing to marry a person in the category, thereby making that person family?