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Class poll on prejudice

The common sentiment that humans are generally a bad species only makes sense from a theistic point of view, at least as far as I can reason it. If you compare humans to Jesus Christ or an idealized God, we look pretty dismal. But then, what wouldn't? If you believe that God created humans in present form, designed from scratch, then you have to wonder why he did such a bad job of it. After all, even we, in our comparative ignorance and primitiveness, can think of some improvements for ourselves.
If you believe that we evolved to our present form, however, it makes perfect sense, and you need not have a condemning opinion of mankind. You just have to recognize that while we are far from perfect, we are also far more perfect than what we evolved from. Our features have been improved through a painstaking process, with each generation gaining by the hardship and death of the previous one. My eye is so intricate because countless (relatives of) ancestors died and/or failed to reproduce due to a flaw, or simply a less-sophisticated system. So we can all consider ourselves among the elite in natural history, since we have come from only the very best stock over millions of years. What more could you ask for?

To quote the matrix, humans are a disease, we don't fit in to natural ecosystems we have yet to find an equilibrium in the natural world and poorly try and imitate nature and create our own ecosystems. I suppose on a grand scale eventually nature will force us into a stable equilibrium if we can't find one ourselves and then we will be no better or worse than any other species I suppose.