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Board games, anyone? From Monopoly to Carcassonne!

Lune Froide

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Apr 20, 2009
I recently was at a fellow INFJ's home and found out that he, too, detests board games with dice. The monotony is killer!
Though, his rant which ensued could convince anybody... Poor 'Game of Life' with only a spinner didn't even have a chance...

But please respect and understand my dilemma at the time since I had no clue of his MBTI nor his hatred for such games until way after the fact.
All he asked was, "How complex do you want the game to be? Pick a number from 1 to 10."
Oi vey! My mistake -- I figured Risk would lay in the high range... So, I said 7. Safe number, right? Wrong. I imagine he counts Risk a 2 at most, I never did ask.

Along comes CARCASSONNE!!! Easily the quickest game I have ever gotten hooked on. I purchased it two days later. It requires a couple of clever personalities and being into a new challenge during every turn... while you simply... lay tiles, people, a dragon, fairy, towers. It's simply berserk. My brain loves me for it.

What about you guys? What board games tickle yer fancy? Do they at all?
I enjoy Scrabble, Monopoly, Stratego, Chess, Backgammon, Upwords, and Blokus amoung others.

I'm pretty much the only one here who plays chess. My spouse bought me a nice chess board for my birthday years ago. We played three games on it. I won twice, he won the last one then declared himself in retirement. I havent' played chess with him since and sold my board in a garage sale.

Other games I enjoy include: cribbage, canasta, egyptian ratscrew (thats the name I know it by...from what I understand there are many names for this game), sheepshead, hearts, spades, speed...

My family (parents, siblings, cousins) has had a lot of bonding over card games and beer.... :) Lots and lots of fun times!
I like some board games, I get sick of them quickly though. Strategry board games though like risk, chess, stragetego, ect. I don't find fun, and am largely terrible at them for various reasons.
I find I have to re-learn games like Chess everytime I attempt them for someone and it's even, dare I say, difficult to absorb/get :m142: People get frustrated -- I didn't realize it's supposed to be common knowledge how to play!
Different brains, I guess.
I hate bored games. harharhar.. Wow. That was a grandpa joke..

I am a big fan of Phase 10 and Skip-bo.

But I can make a game of checkers go on for hours.
And I do not know how to play chess..
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I know how to play chess, but like Inigo Montoya, "I have no gift for strategy."

I love games like Aggravation, Skip-bo, Killer Bunnies, and Settlers of Catan.

Killer Bunnies is absolutely amazing, btw. Anyone else play?

And has anyone ever played 1000 blank white cards? I'd absolutely LOVE to play that game... but I don't know enough cool people to make it happen. :(
I suck at chess. I've tried to learn it, but I can never get the moves right. I like some card games (Hearts, Spades, Uno, some Solitaire games, etc) and I remember growing up with a lot of games. Wasn't too big of a Monopoly fan but I'd play it. I liked Mankala, Othello, and Mastermind - but I rarely play them anymore.
I, personally, am still looking for Jumanji. ;)
Scrabble. Favorite. Most others, I really don't get. My 12 year old brother kills me at chess, however, he's also the one who taught me. I've played twice, maybe? Meh. I'd beat him in scrabble, but we won't play.
I enjoy board games a lot. I like playing Clue, Monopoly, Settlers, Apples to Apples...

I also like playing cards too!
I, personally, am still looking for Jumanji. ;)
Ha! and me both!
And that wardrobe the children had in The Chronicles of Narnia.

hmmm... could be someone is playing Jumanji here, considering all the monkeys running around. :md:

I've played chess, though it doesn't hold my interest long.
The only board game for me is Scrabble. Love Scrabble. I have a 3 volume dictionary just for Scrabble. :D
Maybe we should get an online scrabble game going....there seems to be lots of scrabble players
I enjoy most board games and card games. I also love chess even though I haven't played it for a while.

The best properties in Monopoly are the ones leading up to Go to Jail and several right after getting out of jail. Players have to go through those areas more often because they get arrested O.O
Maybe we should get an online scrabble game going....there seems to be lots of scrabble players

Ohhh! Could we? :m107:
I'm usually too nervous to head to the coffee shop when my ESxx friends are enjoying scrabble since I know how rambunctious they get in public, but the desire is there!
Viva la scrabble!!