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Are you prone to migraines?


Aug 1, 2008
Since I was a wee one I got migraines (the earliest one was when I was six years old). When I was plagued with them (by puberty nearly daily) I was sensitive to light and felt nauseous. Now that I'm an adult I seem to only get them a few times a year or when under extreme stress (even good stress).
I used to get them almost everyday since I was 11, I never found out why I had these dehabilating headaches, they would have to remove me from school my head hurt so much, eventually around the age of 16 they stopped.
I get them frequently too started when i was a teen and they are about once or twice a year now...when very stressed too!
I get occular migraines, which causes eye pain. I got one so bad I couldnt move and had to tie a shirt around my head too keep out anylight. I went to the doctor. His Diagnosis..........He said I should get my head checked. :p
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Yea, see all above. When I got my migraines all senses were extreme and i slept with a cold pack on my face. i dont get them as often, I think it occurs more frequently in the early stages of teen years because of hormonal changes and stress levels. I do get them a few times a year from stress, but I handle them better. Id rather be sick with a cold for 2 weeks than take a day of a migraine.
I had a few really bad ones, but they aren't that frequent on the full-blown level for me...I do get a lot of milder headaches though (so often that I hardly even know they're there anymore until I don't have one). I'm also prone to sinus infections, which are horrible, but that's more genetic than anything, I think
I get these intense "migraines/headaches" all of the time. I just had one Sunday where I couldn't even open my eyes or move. It lasted for 6 hours. They are so intense, I could have sworn my last one should have ended with me being blinded or something of the sort. Apparently, it runs in my family, I just get the worst of them, and I can feel the pain all over my head. It's awful. It's like someone didn't like me, and threw a huge rock at my head to cause me the worst pain ever, but wanted me to suffer so they just left me there.... know?
I had crippling migraines from about age 12 to age 27, and in fact missed most of my 8th grade year due to them. As I got older, they got less frequent (though I had a continuous migraine throughout both of my pregnancies, of varying intensity).

I generally don't have more than 2 or 3 migraines a year now, and they're usually triggered by a prolonged sinus headache rather than stress or emotional events, as those in my earlier life were.
Thankfully no, my mom and grandmother have had horrid migranes and I'm still worried that I might start having them also. But not yet.
I were thinking about this subject a few days ago and were going to ask you lot about it aswell. so.. good timing :D

Since I were like 5-6 years old i've had migraines (first thing i got bullied about, yay).
I'm now 22 and I still have it quite often. Just checked wiki and if that definition is correct it's more then quite often.

It was a long time ago I acctually had such a headache I had to puke ... I've learned how to avoid that. But once every two week I have to go to bed due to headache, remove all batteries from clocks. Puting shirts over stuff that's glowing etc.

But I got a headache almost every two days or so. Atm I have one and if I don't do something about it soon it will be bad I guess.
Some is just annoying, you have a harder time to think and do stuff.
Other headaches make you wanna kill yourself.

When i were younger I checked this with a doctor. They never found any problems. (I have perfect sight etc).

So yeah the question is:
Do you think some types get's headaches easier than others?

For example: IN types pretty much lives in theire heads. It's always something going on. Could that be a factor of why you get a headache.
Thankfully, no. They do run in my family though on my dads side. My dad doesen't get them and he is the olny one. I have several aunts and cousins who get Migranes AND cluster headachs... I feel really bad for them.

Instead, I have other "head" problems, haha!
I'm a woman, alive in this day and age. Speaks for itself. :D

Mine are like clockwork with moon cycles and periods, so obviously they're hormonal. It's extremely rare they're ever terrible, but some people in my family get those.

Apparently my male cousin had to go to the hospital around the age of 11 when he got one so bad he couldn't talk. So, yeah, familial, and potentially horrific.
<< not really... of course, i have great genes also... maybe that is a factor...

going on 7 years that i haven't even been sick, let alone any headaches...

and believe me, i have had periods when i would treat my body like an amusement park...
So yeah the question is:
Do you think some types get's headaches easier than others?

For example: IN types pretty much lives in their heads. It's always something going on. Could that be a factor of why you get a headache.

Don't think so, the only person in my family who gets migraines is my ENF mother. Interesting theory though.
If I don't sleep enough, yes - and they can be bad enough that I can't talk. Fortunately they only last a day! I couldn't imagine having a migraine longer than a of my internet buds has had migraines last six *months.*

I can't even imagine that.
Get headaches when I'm stressed. The muscles in my head get so tensed I can't move my jaw without it hurting on bad days.

My back also knots up when I'm stressed too. *Sigh*
I have had one migraine 24/7, nonstop since January of this year. It has never gone away, not even in the hospital or with drugs. Its some rare long winded condition I can't remember the exact name of (generic name: Status Migraine), but the great part is that there have been no studies or research done. All I have is my doctors experience...
occasionally I get migraines but they're hardly ever horrible. Just a bit nausiating. I do get silent migraines though. Those I get when I'm really stressed and they're a b****. I get general headaches or random feelings of nausia or a feeling of having cotton in my mind or eye pain pretty often though, especially recently.
I have had an almost constant headache for the last 2 years. it's very faint most of time but sometimes it's completely debilitating and can last up to 24 hours! mine our tension headaches though, not migranes. don't know what the difference is.

By the way, my headache is usually so faint that I forget about it, until something reminds me. Reading this thread has reminded me and I now have a headache. Thanks a lot