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Are intuitives midly insane?


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Feb 7, 2009
I've been wondering about this a lot lately. I have a several relatives who are mentally I'll and have a anxiety disorder myself. And I am pretty sure my sis has add.

Looking at some of the characteristics of the various intuitive personalities it seems like symptoms from the DSM IV manual sometimes.

It sounds like all intuitives are just a little bit nuts.

I was wondering if you thought that there was any kind of corallary between intuition and mental illness?

Like do you have any relatives that are mentally if you don't mind my asking.

Are you mentally ill yourself.

And last but not least: Do you think all intuitives are a tad cwazy by default? Does mental illness have anything to do with type?
Yes. Intuitives are midly insane.

So is everyone else.
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Most of the insane people I've known have been S's. I don't think there is any basis to this, crazy people are crazy and can be anything.

The types of insanity may differ though.
Everyone is mildly insane.
I agree. Everyone is mildly insane. But i think the thing about intuitives is that we do things according to our gut that most people would not do and thus most would be classified as crazier. IMO anyway.
Some of us choose to be "mildly insane".
D. All of the above

But I also used to think I was crazy (still do sometimes) because I seem to think and act differently than others (E and S types?). So maybe it's all in our heads . . . erm. . .
im not insane- just different
As a kid I actually used to think that everyone thought like me, or would think like me, if only they would stop wasting so much time on silly things like pop culture and trendy clothes and social drama and spend more time cultivating their awareness of the world around them. I was convinced that if people could only be awakened to their inner authentic self, they would all see things my way.

Ha ha, I'm not sure now if this was my idealistic streak or sheer narcissism. Because clearly mine was the superior mentality.

I think that everyone has the potential to exhibit mental illness, regardless. That said, I do myself take medication for attention deficit. It allows me to be a vastly more productive and capable person.
I'd definitely classify myself as "insane" or "mentally ill"

but only by society's standards.
To me I'm perfectly normal and I wouldn't ever want to be less "insane".
I was wondering if you thought that there was any kind of corallary between intuition and mental illness?

I do not think so. I do think that those who type as Intuitive within the MBTI system may express the symptomology of an anxiety-depressive axis illness and/or other Type II (DSM) mood/personality disorders in a way that is distinctive as compared and contrasted with those who type as Sensor within the MBTI system, but I do not think there is a corallary between typing as "N" and those disorders.

Does mental illness have anything to do with type?

Inasmuch as all types within MBTI are normative, by definition, it does not.

I agree with the "everyone is mildly insane" bit. Possibly iNtuitives spend more time examining and inventing their insanity while Sensors just act it out? Oh who knows. Each time I make a generalization I end up regretting it.
I am normal. Everyone else is fucking nuts and they are out to get me!
Of course, batshit crazy!
Mental illness is just that: an illness. The mind is part of the body. Too many oooohs and aaaahs with the mental part of the body for me. A mental disorder may be different, but an illness denotes something unhealthy or sick.
We treat other illnesses of the body and too many folk want to slap the word "crazy" or "confused" onto someone that may just need a little help in the form of treatment or medicine. A digestive illness can be worse than a mental illness. I fear(in a sense of the word) a lot of folk could have healthier minds if there was less taboo placed on its illnesses.