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  1. C

    [ENFP] I have feelings for my unavailable new INFJ friend, help me

    ENFP here. I met an INFJ 2 months ago (we work together). We got on like a house on fire from the second we met, we talk about everything - philosophy, psychology, history, music, travel, MBTI lol... We share the same crazy opinions and theories about the world and other people. Things that...
  2. Joe 94

    The Non-Categorizable-INFJ

    A lot of INFJ's feel helpless because they realize how limited the corporate world is. It doesn't give them room to express themselves fully, even though there are some careers that seem to fit better than others. And it's not as if all corporate jobs are evil; however the INFJ seems to pick up...
  3. Asa

    For Women

    This thread is for women. It is a place where women can peacefully discuss topics about women, both serious and fun. Please be peaceful and respectful. This thread is tagged Pax. Feel free to discuss anything from serious topics to fun topics. Some of the topics for this thread: feminism...
  4. Rycka

    INFJ AND BUSINESS: can these two work together?

    Hey! :grinning: So I've been wondering how well INFJ personality and the role of a business owner mix together? Do infj's strive for such a thing, or is it something that they naturally shy away from? Personally I've tried freelancing and dropshipping so I loved the freedom aspect of...
  5. K

    How do you handle constructive criticism?

    A few questions here: How do you handle constructive criticism from a higher up or from a colleague? Do you get stressed easily at work? On a team, are you the Positive Pat or Negative Nelly? Are you happy in your career choice?
  6. OliOliOxenFree

    Socializing in the Workplace

    Hi Guys! This is kind of my first forum post on here so I don't really know the layout/format of doing these things. I just wanted ask what your experiences are with socializing with your colleagues in your areas of work? What are some of the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them...
  7. schubert4life

    Stress, Burnout, Anxiety et al. in your work

    Hi, This will be my first post to this forum after taking a test which seems to identify me with the INFJ personality type. I have struggled to find a convincing answer to dealing with stress, burnout, anxiety 'et al.' when it comes to work, so thought I would try here since it seems I face the...
  8. M

    Don't know what kind of entry level job I should be looking for. What's best for me?

    Hey, guys. Trying to find a job that best matches my personality and have turned to my Myer's Briggs personality type for the answer. My personality type statistics are this: Introverted:12% Intuitive:56% Feeling:28% Judging:22% I've taken other tests that say a salesman position would...