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  1. D

    ProProfs Presents: "Am I Too Nice?" The Quiz

    There is a difference between being kind and being nice, or so it's said. The idea would be that a kind person can show an angry side, or can find a polite way to say no, or something along those lines, when the situation justifies doing so; a nice person may not be able to take these actions...
  2. dZpADTLrPmX4c

    A Walk In The Woods – Relational Psychology Test

    A little test I found & thought to share with you. Some of you may have seen this or one like it before. I hope you enjoy <3 A WALK THROUGH THE FOREST Picture yourself walking through a beautiful forest. Who are you walking with? As you continue on in your walk through the forest, you come...
  3. flower

    What's Your Personality Type?

    https://quiz.tryinteract.com/#/5dab0e69919f5e0014ceba9f I wasn't sure where to put this test, here or on the Psychology Tests area. Source: https://www.psychologyjunkie.com/2019/10/30/discover-your-true-personality-type-free-test-included/
  4. jn56uytrx

    Happiness Activity Fit

    I stumbled across this yesterday and thought it was an interesting exercise. Edit: just realized the original link doesn't work and is a truncated version. Here's a place to get a downloadable version: https://www.edbatista.com/2014/12/lyubomirskys-person-activity-fit-diagnostic.html Curious...
  5. flower

    What Tattoo Should You Get Based On Your Personality Type?

    Hehe, just a silly quiz, not to be taken seriously lol. :laughing: http://www.livingly.com/quiz/e8lyJJTktUF/Tattoo+Get+Based+Personality+Type
  6. Ginny

    Are you Psychic?

    How psychic are you? What are your abilities? http://www.psychic-test.org/ You are: The Magical Explorer Your Total Score: 55 out of 80 — (69%) Telepathic Communication: 15 out of 20 Clairvoyance: 10 out of 10 Spiritual Awareness: 15 out of 25 Pre-Cognitive Ability: 5 out of 10
  7. hush

    What Magical Weapon Will Choose You?

    http://www.gotoquiz.com/what_magical_weapon_will_choose_you Just for sh*ts and g*ggles.
  8. Gaze

    What disney princess are you?

  9. brightmoon

    Political Typology Quiz

    Where Do You Fit in the Political Typology? The quiz is American in origin designed for an American audience, presented by the Pew Research Center http://www.people-press.org/quiz/political-typology/ I am a Solid Liberal - 15% of the US population
  10. Gaze

    Which gothic literary character are you?

    Take these two quizzes to find out. :) Which gothic literary character are you? http://www.playbuzz.com/alexandergrayson10/which-gothic-literary-character-are-you
  11. Gaze

    What Bennet sister are you?

  12. Night Owl

    What Magical Forest Being Are You?

    What Magical Forest Being Are You? Lol. Come on. You know you want to.
  13. flower

    Which Cat Should Be Yours Based On Your Lifestyle?

  14. flower

    Style Quiz

  15. flower

    Which Ancient Religion Does Your Spirit Belong To?

  16. flower

    Which Majestic Animal is Drawn to Your Spirit?

  17. flower

    Which Elemental Spirit Are You?

  18. Artisan

    Which RPG class represents you?

    Hey people, I found this test online and found it to be fun :) Let's see what classes we all get ^^ http://epicstream.com/quizzes/Which-RPG-Class-Represents-You
  19. iHeartCats

    Which social network are you?

  20. flower

    Can We Guess What Period In History You Actually Belong In?

  21. Artisan

    What instrument are you? (QUIZ)

    http://www.allthetests.com/quiz31/quiz/1405223105/What-instrument-are-you What instrument are you? For 30 % you are: You are a violin- Violins are slow sound, but doesn't mean you can't be loud and exciting 26 % of 3027 Quiz participants had this profile! Profile A