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    That's a lovely painting.
    Who made it?
    Nothing really, dearest Gurrrrl.
    I'm sexually frustrated at the moment,
    but that's not really new.

    How are you?
    You think so? Should I be flipping my hair and blushing demurely or pelting you with witticisms in a love-hate banter?
    As a whole it seems INTJs are mostly atheistic :-| Your statistic is fascinating...

    I thought I might take the opportunity to extrapolate on my beliefs a bit since you seem fascinated by them :p I do have faith, but it's not blind faith. There are so many things which the much of the scientific community attributes to one thing, which is really more a matter of belief and interpretation than actual scientific data. For example... The flood. Modern science attributes our geology to tectonic shifts and erosion over the course of millions of years. How do fossils of seashells end up on the tops of mountains? Well it could potentially be because of tectonic shifts, but here's my stance: I believe the Biblical flood actually happened, that the reasons there are seashells on mountains is because the water levels were actually above the mountains, that many geological phenomena we see today such as the grand canyon came about not as a result of millions of years, but perhaps over the course of just days or hours. Mt. St. Helens, when it erupted, had flows that carved through 100ft. of solid rock. Think of it on a much grander scale. This could also explain the longer lifespans in the Bible preflood, not just because of superior genetics, but because of a canopy of water in the earth's atmosphere further protecting them from harmful rays (there is no mention of rain in the Bible prior to the flood). Furthermore, the garden of Eden was said to be between the tigris and euphrates rivers. Consider where most of our oil comes from. Today's science assumes that the earth of today is the earth of yesterday, but if the earth of today is a post-flood earth, then the earth of today is not even close to the earth of yesterday. Many people accept the rest of Genesis while attributing the earlier chapters to "poetry", but the text is clearly not poetry like Song of Solomon or Psalms. The remainder of the Bible is remarkably historically accurate, so to be genuine, I think a Christian ought to accept the entirety of Genesis. I'd actually say that Genesis is really the most vital book of the Bible. If it falls, it all falls - it's no wonder it's the most attacked book of the Bible.

    Anyway... just some interesting things to consider. My beliefs are foolishness to many people, but I don't believe what I believe through a suspension of belief toward science and the rest of life, I simply have a very different perspective on things.
    I shall hope for the best for your mother.

    Do you have a good relationship?
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