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  • Awesome, here we go:

    Which is better for current 1st world societies: preference for personal freedom or preference for the common good?
    I live in East Lansing. I go MSU. Where do you reside abouts in MI, or have you only visited?
    Hello and I'm sorry it took so long to answer your question. I saw your picture on the Members Eyes thread and you looked like a girl who used to live in my town. I'm in Canada though so I wondered if you were her. Its unlikely though as you are in the States lol.
    Look who pops in out of left field!

    My Arabic is nearly non-existent. I am still an extreme beginner. I had to have help to determine your phrase.

    to embed youtube videos
    [youtube.]fill this space with copy/paste of the embed code[/youtube.]

    Delete the periods from the youtube BB code
    Hey, thanks for letting us have some fun on your thread tonight. I gotta go for a bit, I'll catch up with you soon. Next time we can have us some serious thoughts exchanged! If you like poetry, check out the "Articles" section, I (and MF too) have some good stuff posted there.
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