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  • Oh, yeah, that's another quality we develop with age...craftiness. Now where's that witch monkey when I need her?
    Thank you for that.
    I believe it to be more
    an emotional want.

    How is your mother coping?
    I've been having a thing for grocery stores
    as of late. Vast grocery stores. One that
    runs on forever. I can never leave.

    He is kind.
    *laughs at your funny face and takes a mental picture*

    I am almost always smiling, unless I am crying or a little more than mildly vexed. I had to take a pic recently and was told not to smile.
    It was a rather difficult feat lol
    Ah, I see, I would look into music stores, hot topics, spencers, etc. If that doesn't work, i've noticed quite a few delivery men and cafeteria workers with a tattoo or a few; Also pathfinders and the such don't really have much of a requirement when it comes to that line of stuff
    intjs make me cry, some with joy, others... with pain. But as long as they are not entjs, they will win, at my lovegame.

    lets play a lovegame play a lovegame...
    Of course. Every INTJ has their own death glare. The hate for everything stupid in the world.
    holy. mother. of clams. I do declare you have figured it out. Someone get this girl into harvard, where they may have her answers!
    Hmmm. You have proven the point. Except for one small detail: What if there was a water buffalo that was pushing the tree over? Naturally their magical powers could have some affect on the existence of mankind... correct?
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