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  • You have my thanks.

    Too few of us are fond of anti-social INTP's with odd habits.
    VV Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria. Well, he's my favorite singer *at the moment...*
    Haha thanks.... NOW I FEEL AWKWARD. Must compliment you... now!

    i like how u do.


    In all serious, I love your hair!

    My favorite singer has that exact same kinda hair...

    Horse-puckey! I'm a wise old withering oak tree.

    ...still, there may be a bit of growth left in me.
    Yeah, at Gardner Middle School starting tomorrow. Ich bin nervos (o umlaut)
    I don't want to interrupt your thing with Norwich so I am bothering you here instead.

    "Hmmmm. A poem of sorts. I think. We'll each do a few lines at a time. It'd be fun. =D "

    My gf makes me play this game, only verbally. I don't like it lol makes me uncomfortable for some reason.
    I don't know. They won't even explain. They say I trolled and spammed when I posted what? 5 posts yesterday? Bs.
    You're most welcome. You deserve it.
    It's an honor that you bothered to share. That really was lovely.
    In fact, I'm actually planning to show it to a friend if you don't mind. I think she'd highly admire it also. :)
    Sorry, I completely missed this and basically don't have time tonight.
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