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  • so have u looked at the listings at all? I thought of maybe ninja assassin, planet 51 or the men who stare at goats lol

    What do u think? Any others yd like to see?
    I'm gonna check the listings in 5 mins, if u want to do the same then maybe we can find something we both want to see.

    I'm up for a si-fi or comedy myself but I'll choose when I see what's playing :p
    U becha hun... btw, I'm still up for going out tonight, I'm thinking we could do a movie. What do u think?
    <<Acceptance is the key, thanks for sharing that>>
    I'm getting used to it now on the forum but you should know, in real life it NEVER happens to me that someone says to me: "you're right, acceptance is the key". Mostly they are staring blank at me or argue that I'm completely wrong. Thanks a lot!!
    Thank you for taking the mbti test. It was interesting seeing your results. You could easily be an ISFJ in addition to ISTJ. We should chat sometime :)

    PS- I just looked at your actual type. You claim to be an INFJ. I am so sorry! So scratch that test of yours! I can def. see INFx for you! Still, get a hold of me :)
    You are welcome. Maria is a kind and interesting friend to have. She has said a couple of good things about you too. I am glad you are liking my writing. Feel free to comment. I have a total of 14 poems in the articles section. I really enjoy having other INFJ's around. You meet so few in life.
    Hey Chiquita! I'm off soon to comox actually... I'm attempting to forgive any wrong doings that have come from me whenever I have mirrored victimization in my family dynamics with my parents...

    I'll txt u or call u at some point, probably on my way back home.

    ...and thx 4 the toilet paper post, lol I LOVED it! ;D
    omg haha, do I need to remind u of the importance of GOOD quality asswipe?

    Perhaps I should rephrase that in Italian terms... "crapola" LOL
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