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    You've never given me a negative rep.. :(

    Even when I made that self esteem-boosting-attention whoring-thread.
    Hmm, I just noticed you gave me a negative rep a while back. Don't worry, I still love you <3
    posted it to myself

    yeah I have a friend of mine an INTP although hes a INTP tough guy he has a real soft spot for animals even above humans ha thanks its me dressed up for halloween as an 80's gym instructor. people cqn be very tiring and if you have high standards which Im guessing you do you prob find alot of people just are hard work and insensitive?, Im a teacher so I get to deal so much with people that when I go home I just dont wanna talk, I find it so puzzling the way people get so much off internet sites like this, I like it but I dont think I spend as much time as most users on it, what got you into mBTI in the first place?
    I actually envy introverts to a certain extent! been internally driven is great, I go n shut down at this time of year when I'm on holidays or don't get to see my friends, humbolt squid is quite random, are you big into nature? I love watching blue planet and planet earth, it awakens my inner hippy
    cuttle fish are even better I think, they change texture and have a wide variety of colours, design yourself a dress with lights in it and you too can achieve your dream! librarian aswell? man too much E in me to do that job
    a humbolt squid and a librarian? hmm are you good at talking dangerous animals? they renowned for being more ferocious than sharks and cannibalistic?
    Woot you haz visitor massages again. I get to litter your cyber psyche with my cosmic Graffiti. i'm still going to annoy you by pm though becauseI was always the girl whispering and smirking when I was little. Expect some writing today Oh my god doodz, I just realized I've been here for a year. WEIRDNESS.
    Lion. Because I need courage to face my strengths

    It's down the yellow brick road for me, apparently!
    Actually, this was a phone conversation, but I think we were also discussing a few member totem animals at length with the "What Animal Do Your Fellow Members Remind You Of..."

    If I remember correctly, you might've been a fox, both in representation and totem...
    Yeah, it has been. I was a part-time student and working more than I should have been. Then packing. Then Christmas. Then New Years. Then moving. Now I'm a full-time student with even less time, but I'll make time now and then to be here. :)

    And I'm glad you decided to stay afterall. Even if I'm only here now and then.
    Weird, I just found you in my friend list, but you were unchecked. So what the hey, I checked it. ^_^

    EDIT - Apparently I had good timing, or else I couldn't have left this message! ;)

    I didn't even notice I was just going to post something and boom. the vm is back. YAY :D

    Anywho...I get what you're saying about guilt...but guilt is difficult stuff. I talked all about it.
    A few people said they were tired of PMing me and asked that I enable it again. So I did mon friend!
    You enabled your visitor message wall...something must have happened.
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