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fantasy world
Jezi Baba - The dark lady and mistress of magic. She is also seen as a forest spirit that leads hosts of spirits. Jezi Baba is portrayed as a witch who flies through the air in a mortar using the pestle as a rudder sweeping away the tracks behind her with a broom made out of human hair. She lives in a house that revolves around by means of three pairs of chicken legs that dance. Her fence outside was made with human bones that had skulls atop of them. The keyhole to her front door was a mouth filled with sharp teeth. She aids those who are pure of heart; and eat the souls of those that were not visiting her prepared and clean of spirit. She is said to be the Guardian Spirit of the fountain of the water of life.
If she doesn't kill you, she can help you with advice and magical gifts.
What would be your epitaph?
My least favorite chore was being civilized.
9w8 sp/sx
battle cat


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    Stealthy stealthy

    You don't know that a picture paints a thousand words
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    Give and you shall receive

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    Whatever it is, it's amazing. You're amazing. And Free is learning how to create trophies! Or break the forum. Either way, it'll be interesting!
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    Happy day

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    And you're still here.... Well I guess that is something

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    A Member

    Well done you worked out how to register, now let's see if you can work out the rest of the buttons...
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    Likes living on the wildside

    Hasn't enabled two-factor authentication for your account.
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    100 messages in 100 days

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