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Your Favorite Beatle...

I like the Greengrocer.

You know I have come to realize that without each other they were all just lost. And if I had to pick one I would pick George Harrison. But I really can't pick just one. They were all so good in there own ways...
Awww haha :D I love the Beatles.
Lennon used to be my alltime favourite untill I saw their movie, A Hard Day's Night (1964).
I thought the songs reflected something within Lennon as he wrote most of the songs. However in the movie, his personality was a complete contrast to the beatles music. Therefore it made me favour McCarney more ^^
I like George Harrison. I'm not sure who wrote which songs so I can't base it on that unless I find out.
I'm not too too big of a fan of the Beatles but my brother is. He studied them in Academic Decatholon. He's an artisan and his favorite member is John Lennon.
I like the Volkswagen