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Who feels comfortable with eye contact?

Transmission kinda complete. Do I have a chance pitching this story to actual readers? haha

I'm feeling an inability to say what I want to say. A wave of that feeling. Is that close? Could that be some kind of transmission? Or am I just talking to myself again?
I really did send it out to you. I hope you got it.
I hear that, a way of insuring your telepathic post, is to actually... type it out? It's like a receipt. So if anyone knicks your ideas you have proof of ownership. I dunno, I'm new to this telepathy thing.
For me, with eye contact, I always look right into someone's eyes if I'm talking directly to them. It's difficult but it helps me gain confidence and control in the conversation. I definitely feel a little uncomfortable if I'm talking to someone who also is trying to hold my gaze though (particularly other girls because I feel intimidated and not as good as them), and I usually let them win, so to speak, by looking away now and then. Particularly with one of my roommates-- I can never go long looking her in the eye because I know that she will not look away at all through the whole conversation and that is very disconcerting. So generally I am only comfortable looking someone in the eyes if they aren't intent on looking back the whole conv.
I'm pretty comfortable with it for the most part with most people, unless someone seems to be intimidating for some reason. Very prolonged eye contact with strangers might make me feel uncomfortable. And the people I trust are easier to keep eye contact with than those I don't trust or like.
I don't have a problem with eye contact. I feel uncomfortable NOT making eye contact. It's a great social/interpersonal skill. It's a good way of knowing if someone doesn't like you, if they avoid looking at you.

Bahaha maybe that's how I know I don't like people. I only make eye contact with people I like. :)
It's easy for me to have eye contact with females because i feel more comfortable. With males it's difficult because I just can't bare starring at their eyes for a long time! I guess I get shy or something.