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What's your most comfortable default mode?


Sep 5, 2009
What's your most comforting default mode?

What is that state in which you feel the most comfortable simply being you? What are you usually doing thinking, feeling, etc.?

I would like to spend all of my time sleeping.
I am most happy and comfortable while sleeping.
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You would think this would mean I'd be in bed at three am.

Sleep doesn't love me as much as I love it.
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You would think this would mean I'd be in bed at three am.

Sleep doesn't love me as much as I love it.

sleep loves you, sleep is just afraid of commitment :p
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For me, it's at home at night, just relaxing on the couch watching tv and mellowing out.
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after a gig i feel that inner sense of comfort i have to search for during the average days, though it often comes with a sense of guilt that i should be farther along than i currently am in terms of progress, its a real double edged sword. satisfaction on how far i've come and yet feeling as though its not enough.

for those familiar with the dark tower series the gunslinger always felt further from the tower after a climax or gun fight also, never closer. i could never put my finger on this feeling until i read this and i don't know why its like this. he was actually closer and was glad all turned out well but felt farther nonetheless.
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Singing...if only I could sing all day without tiring my voice.

Sleeping would be a close second
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Very interesting question. At first I was thinking this would be in regards to communicating with people (since I have a couple of modes regarding that), but here we go:

I'd have to say that my most comfortable mode is when I'm sitting in a quiet room just thinking, staring off into space. Many times, when I sit down to begin working on something, I'll realize I can't concentrate just yet, so I'll take a few minutes (which often stretches to about 20, easy) to just think. I find the quality of my thinking changes quite a lot when I go from active+thinking to just thinking, and that would definitely be my most comfortable state.

My most comforting state would probably have to playing video games or watching a movie. Despite loving the more pure emotions, every now and then I'll do something that really shakes me up (usually involving failing to perform as well as I could, ultimately leading to genuine disappointment of my own self-image). In that state, eating chips is usually a nice supplement. This hasn't happened to me in quite a while though.

However, I'd also have to add that the most comfortable state can be, well, too comfortable, if that makes any sense. My favorite state to be in would have to be the 'flow' state, which I usually get from being in the process of grasping a new level of performance, most pronounced when I'm playing my violin. But, I've had lesser correlate states while drawing, solving logical puzzles (e.g. computer algorithms, strategy games), playing action-fighting video games, etc.
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By myself, in silence, free to study whatever I like for as long as I want.
Two states:

1. sitting in my lazy bag with a cup of coffee, listening to some music, writing in my journal or reading something

2. again by myself at home, listening some loud music (something funny and that has a good beat) and jumping around

at the moment I taking a break from the second option but I'm still listening the songs from that session, and here is some for your own dancing:

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMnjF1O4eH0"]YouTube - Queen - 'Fat Bottomed Girls'[/ame]

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDSK91mUNLU&feature=related"]YouTube - MIKA - Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)[/ame]
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I enjoy sleeping as well.

I'm most comfortable home alone with a good book and an endless cup of coffee.
I am most comfortable driving home at the end of the day. The music is blaring and I am alone....blessedly alone.
quietly watching other people (in a place with people, of course)
My most comfortable state has only been reached in two locations.
The first was in Livingstone, an obscure camping area in the foothills by the Rocky Mountains. It was an overcast day with a cool breeze, and everything was green. I found this meadow nestled in a small valley. The meadow was filled with wildflowers of all kinds, there were deciduous and conifers surrounding it, along with foothills rising up high on both sides. I have not felt such inner peace in a very long time. It almost seems like a dream when I think back to it.
The second was an autumn morning in Olympia, Washington. I was laying in bed with my best friend, listening to his heartbeat and breathing with the rain pattering on the window in the background. It was such a peaceful moment, and though wordless, I felt it said so much. He drifts between an INFJ and INFP, so I guess that also answers the other thread which mentioned how INFJs communicate with each other.

Otherwise, the closest to the two of those that I can achieve is just sitting quietly by myself, free to observe and think.
depends on my mood actually. but most default would be.... I dunno really
Outside with my eyes closed just listening to the rain... my silent symphony.
playing my harp in my bedroom with noone watching. I'm am at peace when I'm composing, mostly.
In a quiet spiritual space exploring the conversations with my inner voice.