What's the Most Romantic Thing Anyone Has Ever Said to You?

That Girl

Do you have my answers?
"Gigs, I hate hair in my food but if it was your hair, I wouldn't mind." -RC
you have beutifull eyes
If we ever did it, I'd bring my own coathanger. - ENTJ girl with D cups and slim body.
If we ever did it, I'd bring my own coathanger. - ENTJ girl with D cups and slim body.

I believe my boyfriend is an INFJ. I'm not sure if the fact we're in a relationship is weird. Him having these feelings and all. =D
"It doesn't matter what we watch as long as I'm watching it with you"
Chaz about what movie to watch
That was today too. I bet I can find many many more gems in just our msn history alone.
Me- "Your cats give me puffy eyeballs."
Her- "You're a puffy eyeball."

*heart melts*
"I hope you die in a fire" followed by a smile.

The context: at university my girlfriend came to see me, just when I really wanted to see someone I loved. I must have had a "you are a sight for sore eyes" look and I was about to say "thank you for coming..." but before I could say something clumsy she just said "shhhhh".

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This is not the sweetest thing anyone has ever said, but this conversation took place yesterday (with someone from the forums, actually)

me: my nose hurts :-(
you saw me. i look like a lobster.

them: lola little
me: this is the part where you tell me that i'm still pretty.
them: you are still pretty :p
you are a pretty lobster

them: I would boil you and dip you in butter
me: thanks.

Like I said, not the sweetest thing ever said to me, but it did make me laugh, and feel better about how silly I look.
Her: "You have nice teeth.."
Me: "Thanks... Turns out braces were a nice thing after all."
Her: "I'd never date a guy with bad teeth."

That was adorable...

My all time favorite "romantic moment" was when I was hugging my then girlfriend in her kitchen after she had a particularly bad day.

Her: "Our hearts are beating together.."
Me: "Yeah... I guess they're happy."
"We're two hopeless romantics who pretend to not give a shit. I guess maybe this will work out after all."
"Wake up or you won't be able to go to sleep later."
"O yes I will."
*Two Seconds Later*
"Wake up."
"For you, I'll try."
"You look like a princess. If he (my boyfriend) ever makes you cry, I
"You are a witch, you are evil. Just go to hell. Please? Thank you, much obliged."