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What would your heaven be like?


Feb 1, 2009
One train of thought states that your heaven, your afterlife is created by your mind. There is no heaven or hell. Once you are done with your mind's creation, you can then move on to ... whatever awaits.

My heaven would include my family and friends, all the books and music in the world, and to ask God, "Why?". My age would be fixed at 25. I would like the ability to visit other people's heaven if it was ok with them.
Nice thread!

Hmmm mine would be a Tropical beach with all my friends and family on it, and a barbecue. Right next to a port city.

And Cristopher Hitchens would be my boyfriend.
My heaven would have to have my friends and family in it. Beyond that... I'm not sure how much else would matter to me.
MMM chocolate and no weight gain!
LOL I'm kidding (slightly)

Absolute joy and emotional connection - off the top of my head :love:
Oh godh, I honestly sort of don't know.

I have many many different images in my mind. It's like a place with every building, feld, and geographic detail imaginable, with all different kinds of zones. I truly cant describe it.
The Ellimist has a Life Simulation Game that I'd like to play... That'd be heaven.

We'd all become gods, with the chance to talk to each other.
Full of things that would get me sent to hell here.
Mount Sion
the city of the living God
the Heavenly Jerusalem
an innumerable company of angels
the general assembly and church of the firstborn
to God the Judge of all
to the spirits of just men made perfect
to Jesus the Mediator of the new covenant
to the blood of sprinkling
God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes
no more death, sorrow, crying, or pain
no more sickness or disease
no more starvation or hate
no more lust or envy
"Come to Me and I will give you rest."
I love this life we have been given. I grow weary at times, edging me toward looking for rest. The rest I long for is not like the rest we understand. I seek a rest from longing for something so long. I do not dislike my yearning, but rather glory in it. My Heaven will not be my own, but one that has been prepared for me. My Heaven will know and understand what is best for me. I will not be alone there, but will be part of an everlasting feeling I cannot describe, though I feel I have been given a taste of it. I long for Heaven, but not yet. I am missing something in my life, and it will be acknowledged before I am taken to my new home.
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just me, that was a beautiful post.

When I first read the thread title my instant reaction was, "Heaven?" "Sleep." Just a heavenly sleep, where everything is fine and the feeling is heavenly. I'll start my heaven with a thousand years of heavenly sleep!
Big flames and bottomless pits and lava and the tortured screams of a trillion souls.

I think I misunderstood the assignment.
When I was younger I thought life was hell now that I am older I think that life is heaven. I feel like I am in heaven it is for me a state of mind. And living and doing the things that make my life fun to me is my own little slice of heaven. I think this modern life we are living is way overrated.
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What a lovely thread :). I would like mine to be pretty unregimented. I would have everyone I love there, but I would also like the ability to be able to see everyone I loved that was still alive and be able to help them on Earth whenever they needed it. I think that is the most important thing to me and probably what I would like to spend most of my time doing. God would be there and there would be lots of children. I don't believe in Limbo so I'd like to think that all the unbaptised children would have gone right to heaven. It would be a slow paced dreamy existence and I could relax knowing that everyone was happy.
Honestly, I wish there was no heaven for me. When I die - I want it to be the end of my consciousness as I know it. Even older than our bodies are our minds - I wouldn't want to be dragged with this one for the rest of eternity.