What Would You do? Imagination game


Dares, Dreams, Does
Hey people,

Time for a new imagination game.
Here's how it goes:

Step 1) Answer the previous poster

Step 2) Ask the next poster: What would you do if... (add your own fictional/hypothetical scenario here)

Have fun! ^^

For the next poster: WWYD if... the sole of your shoe fell off @ work/school?
hop all the way back home haha

WWYD if... your phone started ringing in the middle of an important meeting?
Sell all my belongings, buy a motorcycle, and go on a trip to see all the places I've ever wanted to go where I will never return from.

WWYD if... a person is lying on the street, and is being helped by someone who is calling an ambulance?
I would start cpr.

WWYD if you went into one of those carnival mirror mazes right before closing and couldn't get out before they closed up?
I love those! Maybe scream so they'd know I was still inside?

On a similar note, WWYD if you got locked in a walk-in freezer?
I would call someone on my phone to get me out.

WWYD if you were offered a meeting with the president?
Say I'm too cool for him and don't go.

WWYD if you suddenly attained the power to fly?
race an airplane ^^

WWYD if you found a diamond necklace on the side of the road?
I would take a picture of it and then drop it at the police station. Especially if it is a nice Diamond necklace. Last thing I would want is some rich house wife suing me for "not cleaning her diamonds when I found them on the ground". And I would also post the picture on social media and direct anyone thinking it is "theirs" to go inquire there.

WWYD if pigs flew over your house on a Wednesday?
I would take a picture of it and then drop it at the police station. Especially if it is a nice Diamond necklace. Last thing I would want is some rich house wife suing me for "not cleaning her diamonds when I found them on the ground". And I would also post the picture on social media and direct anyone thinking it is "theirs" to go inquire there.

WWYD if pigs flew over your house on a Wednesday?

If pigs flew over my house on a Wednesday, I would question everything I knew and start writing poetry. I would go to open mikes and perform my material, and a stranger would come up and tell me that it was the best poetry that he'd ever heard. He would tell me that he was in a band called The Mighty Piglets, obviously inspired by the flying pig incident. He would ask me to join as the lead singer, and I would accept. Our first single would spark a craze around the world, and our album sell tens of millions of copies. Tensions would arise during the recording of the second album "Pigs on a Wednesday II" and I would develop a major drug problem, along with the rest of the band. During the following tour, we were told that the album was selling, but not as well as the first one. We would start accusing each other of sabotaging the band due to creative differences. We would split up and get sued by our label for breach of contract and obligations. After a few years, I would start writing introspective and self-reflective acoustic folk material and play at small venues, as I would see my old friend and band-mate in the crowd. After a cordial conversation, we agree to get the band back together, and go on one glorious last tour together.

WWYD if you had a silly hat on your head?
If I had a silly hat on my head, it would attract funny and curious looks, but I would continue to pretend as if nothing is silly. I keep walking and make my way to the art institute museum. As I enter, security asks would you please take your hat off please. I respond for the silly hat with a voice "I'm a tour guide.. see these people behind me?" As I enter with the silly hat's followers, we make our way to the modern art section. It is then okay for me to take the hat off and begin laughing so loud with the silly group it attracted which security responds to by chasing down the silly hat at which became known as the night at the museum!

WWYD if you had no way of telling what time it is!?
I would not mind and just continue doing what I'm doing until I feel like doing something else.
Should I never ever be able to tell what time it is again, then I would live my life to the fullest without wondering what time it is and enjoy a life where time does not bind me.

WWYD if... you were at work and you begin to hear screams from outside, and see millions of rats swarming the street and attacking, killing and eating people :X
(think attack of the birds but then with millions of aggressive hungry rats.)
Immediately organise the office into securing all windows, doorways and openings before organising for each person to contact their loved ones and then working out an escape plan to get everyone home or getting everyone to our office block :)

WWYD if a cashpoint you were using suddenly started spewing out money?
Darned cameras!

wwyd if you saw something others did not see?
Back in the day, I sucked it up out of fear that doing something about it would interfere with my chances of success in life, I was certain that I would get some kind of record or label that would negatively impact the opinions my teachers and future teachers would have of me and would eventually result in a negative influence of my grades or hinder my chances in getting wherever I wanted to go in life.

What Would I do if I could do it all over again? I'd stand up for myself, make a ruckus, fight when needed regardless of my odds. Cause face it, all the bullies I've seen have been able to get wherever they wanted in life without that aspect of their personality and trouble at school hindering them.

So what do I do now? What would I do now? If I am bullied or someone is in my presence, I speak up, give people my opinion of how immature and lame it is and how we ain't in freaking kinder garden anymore. Sure I don't get into fights, I just speak up and flood people with the stupidity and pointlessness of their own actions intended to demean, belittle, make fun of, humiliate another. If someone swings a punch at me? I step back and ask them wtf they're doing. If they keep swinging then sure, I'll get physical too, but that doesn't mean I have to like it or the fact that there is a need to stand up for myself or another. I get so damned disappointed in such a large portion of humanity every time bullieng happens.... So yea what would I do ? Stand up for myself before bullying me becomes a habit.

WWYD if you had to try to teach a Strong Artificial Intelligence some measure of understanding about what it like to have Emotions/Feelings?
I would quickly call Bill, the IT guy. Shortly after Bill arrives, he would proceed to insult the AI by asking "why don't you have the new USB-C connector? Why are you so outdated? Who even made you? Are you a product of the same people who designed Windows Vista?" and shortly after he finishes, I would command the AI to punch Bill. I think that should teach them both a bit of emotions/feelings?

(okay real answer: I would destroy the AI. Teaching a computer who runs on code that ultimately results in either a 0 or 1 being the only answer is like asking the Pope to switch over to Atheism because it is the new trend and he seems too old school to all the young and hip kids. You can't teach an old dog new tricks and you can't teach an AI to mimic human emotions correctly every time.)

WWYD if you found a million dollars in a bag next to your car with a note saying "if you take this from me, I will hunt you down" attached to it?
Leave it behind, money is not worth my life.

WWYD if someone came up to you in the street and told you that they were from the future and the world had only seven days left to live?
I would say well I'm from the past, and nothing can change it unless.. it already happened and it's being relived.

WWYD in those 7 days?