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  1. N

    Fox TV show New Amsterdam

    Hey, Has anyone of you seen the old tv show New Amsterdam from 2008 (FOX)? I’ve been wondering what MBTI type the protagonist John Amsterdam is. Could you help me? Thanks a lot!
  2. Kabss

    Is Jon Snow really an Infj ?

    So,basically,when u search Game of Thrones mbti - Daenerys is pretty much Enfj-infp (ranging opinions) but then there’s Jon ,who’s been called an infj. Ok so ,the secondory cognitive function of an infj is Extraverted Feeling right ? Have we ever seen Jon show his feelings to anyone (even...
  3. Artisan

    What Would You do? Imagination game

    Hey people, Time for a new imagination game. Here's how it goes: Step 1) Answer the previous poster Step 2) Ask the next poster: What would you do if... (add your own fictional/hypothetical scenario here) Have fun! ^^ For the next poster: WWYD if... the sole of...