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what Virtue do you admire most in others?


Aug 19, 2009
For me, it's Humility. I hold so much respect and admiration for those who are down to earth and appreciate compliments but don't necessarily relish in them.

Also, Wisdom. It takes a looong time and much experience and effort to gain wisdom and understanding of this world.

What about you?
What Virtue do you admire most in others and why?
down the earth and how long they are consistence in their life. I know, few people do this thing, but i love this subject.

What they want to share and one most imp. thing they are spending their time with us.
I mean i admire wisdom but i admire more someone who is kind, relaxed, and laid back which probably boils down to kindness.
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Humble wisdom stops me in my tracks when I encounter it.
That they are honest with themselves.
For me I guess it's kindness...humilty is a big one, too, but if you are truly and consistently kind your Heart is in the right place most of the time. It kind of flows from humility in my mind as most humble people are also kind folks.
Conventional wisdom.
Humbleness. Courage too
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Hard to pick just one.
Accountability and consideration are both big for me. I have met a lot of people that completely lack accountability and it irritates me VERY badly. Someone who can do no wrong or always has an excuse at hand for why something happened rather than just acknowledging that something went wrong and fixing it really gets on my nerves.

However, the one that I most admire is Magnanimity. I admire someone who has a wide enough perspective of the world to realize that we are all human, we all make mistakes, and have a good sense of what is important in life, and that means not just for themselves.
Consistency in values and actions is admirable.
The virtue I value most of all is the ability to judge between virtuous and vicious actions - the Cardinal virtue by which all other virtues are recognized and regulated - Prudence.

That said, I also feel the need to express my valuation of Equanimity.

Do those come from typing as a Type 9 Fi-dom? :noidea: :wink:


Not treating people like crap because you're having a bad day. (this should have a fancy word for this... lets make it doubleplusuncraptreaters)


theres another one... but I can only think of the japanese word for it right now.

It's like knowing one's place, and respecting those above you. I'm not sure if this is a problem everywhere but Kids have too much entitlement and think they're smarter than those who are older than they are... as a result they're disrespectful to teachers and others that just try to help.
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I value empathy and a willingness to be curious, not furious while exploring self, world and perspectives. I suppose, patience, kindness and wisdom.
Kindness most of all, though wisdom and empathy are right up there. I think kindness is the hardest one to practice and that's why I admire it the most. If you can embody all three you are going to be an admired individual, no doubt!

This thread screams for a poll!
Just overall kindness works for me. Although I appreciate a lot of other virtues that come in a too-close-second to kindness.
Wisdom, with genuine kindness coming in close second.

As for the not-so-proudly admitted, dependability.
I don't appreciate it when people are deceitful and take advantage of others