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What unlikely dream jobs would you want to pursue?


Sep 5, 2009
So, what are two or three dream jobs you'd like to have?
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I've always wanted to be a comedy writer, produce/direct a documentary, and work for a think tank. Of course, none of these would ever come to fruition. oh well.
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Write for a travel journal.

Or some really cool magazine like national geographic.

Bush pilot

My ultimate dream job would be a traveler. I would visit various parts of the world to explore different cultures, meet unique people, and write and make art about my experiences. I will probably never be able to do this for many reasons.

Something a bit more realistic is an educator/writer/artist. Working within an organization or public institution in developing curriculum, instructional and communications media while having the spare time to pursue art would be ideal.

I don't know if these are things people wouldn't expect me to pursue, but they are my "dream" jobs, at least for the time being.
some kind of artist; most ideal would be a mangaka, or game artist. I haven't been playing games for quite a long time but I'm still interested in game design...and only design. >_>; not the 3d, not the physics. :p

I don't know anything else I'd dream to do. Man, I'm quite depressive in this aspect. D:
Trifoilum, I don't know why, but I'm seeing you as a fabulous pastry artist, creating fabulous cupcakes, with gorgeous green icing. Nom, nom, nom. ;)

ROFL. Thanks? :D
maybe I'll make some cupcake of doom or something.. : |
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Roller Derby Girl. I'm not sure how long one can be a Roller Derby Girl, but i'mnifty on skates.
An unlikely dream job of mine would be a stay at home dad.
I would never do it though. I wouldn't feel right about it. That's culture for you, I guess. Though I know I'd be good at it and love it.

Another one would be a Secret Agent.
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Commander of the world.

....oops, I broke it.
I would love to be a food critic.

I also thought Flava Flave had a pretty cool job.. I would love to be paid to be a Hype guy.
Oh, I have a few dream jobs. Technically, they're not really all that out of reach, if only my self discipline were as colossal as my ambitions...

Crown Attorney (that's more or less a District Attorney to you U.S. folks)
Governor General
A Prison/Mental Hospital Psychiatrist
Forensic Psychiatrist or a Criminal Profiler

Edit: ... I just realized that "Best Selling Author" didn't even make my list. Huh.
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In order of preference:
1. Writer (novelist).
2. Writer (magazines and stuff).
3. Voice actor (XD so random).

(A possible extra one: character designer for games or something like that ^^")

Yeah, I'd really like to write. I find it soothing. But I'm planning on working in the translation of books from Japanese to English and vice versa. Probably also in a publishing company.
Darn my realism, making me think of alternatives to my dreams D:
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Just three, eh? Well I shall try to keep the list short.

Opera Singer - This has been my dream job since I was a really little kid. I would absolutely love to sing at the Metropolitan Opera or La Scala. I know turning something I love so much in to a job could potentially back fire, but it still sounds amazing.

Record Executive - I would love to run or own my own record label. I have had the idea of starting my own independent label stuck in the back of my head for years now. I will probably never do it, but I would love it!

Politician - Running for public office is something I have day dreamed about since I was in middle school. Sadly, I don't believe this will ever happen. I would probably be better working on someone's campaign, behind the scenes.

Those are the top three then there's a writer, an attorney, pin up girl, burlesque dancer, anthropologist, model, and a journalist (likely a music critic).
Dental assistant, optical dispenser, health sector/specialist-related, teenage & children's counsellor, usher/ ticket taker at functions, entertainment venues..., an architect, musician, music teacher and quarantine officer (plant division).

Yes, they're quite specific