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What should I get an INFJ girl for Valentine's Day?

Awww, I'm glad you and girlfriend had a good VDay!


I'm in a new relationship with an INFJ girl. Things have progressed quite nicely, and we're doing a romantic overnight valentine's day thing together.

We're both mid 30s, could probably be mistaken for mid 20s, if that helps any. I've usually done jewelry of some type in the past, but she doesn't seem to be big on jewelry.

I think a special trip is what she really wants, but what else could I get her?

Anyone gotten anything they really liked before?

Anyone gotten anything they really didn't like before?

Anyone have any thoughts?

I dont know the girl, but for me, a gift made is 10X more impressive then a gift bought. Unless its something awesome like a PS3 or something.... but emotionally, i cherish poems or paintings made for me way more than anything else.
You'd prefer a gift made, over 1.5mx10m of bubble wrap?

Well thats pushing it, the bubble wrap is pretty tempting, i think if someone got me a pound of weed for Vday that might take the cake on the wrap though.
Whatever you get her don't EVER just walk into a flower shop and buy just anything. My ex-husband was notorius for just getting me "somethng" and never thought about my personality. Vday was always horrible! My birthday, Christmas...every holiday for gifts! INFJs need to know you thought about them when getting a gift. IF it's flowers it needs to be something special, like some flower she mentioned as making her especially cheerful, or some special meaning, her favorites, etc. INFJs love anything that says "I was thinking especially of you." The best gift a boyfriend ever got me was a Kodak printer... yes, a printer. He knew I hated spending oodles and oodles of money on print cartridges so he bought me a printer and several cartridges. I felt so loved!
Buy her a piece of steak and tell her to make you dinner.
I would never have bought a gift though, I would rather take out said person out for a nice dinner and drinks at a fancy restaurant, then finish off the night with dessert on a bear fur infront of the fireplace.