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What makes you feel truly free?


Sep 5, 2009
What makes you feel truly free?
Seeing happiness in close friends and family.
Hmm interesting one.

My love for friend, family and relatives makes me feel free. For work thing, my attitude makes me feel free.
The Black Pearl.
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when I wear this!

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when I wear this!


Ohhhh LALA, : )/ :/. Dear Lord please forgive them for they know not what they do....

But really, the only thing that makes me feel alive is when I'm driving with the music up and the windows down, it gives me goosebumps that nothing could replace. Goosebumps that make me feel sooooooo alive!
When i'm not anxious or worried. When i'm relaxed, i feel free.
Being alone in the woods.
I feel truly free when I am traveling. The means don't really matter, whether it's an airplane, a cruise, a bus or my own car. As long as I am going somewhere that is different in it's culture, scenery, development, people, or land.

The feeling of displacement and constant change are a breath of fresh air to me. I often enjoy the trip more than I enjoy the place I am going to. In other words, I like going somewhere more than being somewhere.

The idea of being able to be somewhere if I wish to gives me a priceless sense of freedom.
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transcendence from reality makes me feel free :)

also, the wilderness, being outside and exploring the natural world!
At night, when no ones around and it's quiet.
In the morning, when I run. :)
Giving up my freedom
could you elaborate?

When you are dead you are finally free from the influence of the bodys biological urges or sex, hunger, breathing, and survival instincts. Then you are finally free.