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What is wrong with this world?


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May 11, 2008
Tell me INFJs, what is wrong with this world? What do you see that is broken? What is it that enrages you that people will not acknowledge? What do you wish to see in this world more than anything?
People that care, and not just say they do but actually show it.
lol I love that topic.

Well let's see.
- Many people believe guys aren't suppose to be sensitive.
- The smart and unique are singled out because its not right to be non-unique
- People who expect smart people to know everything
- Some people who work hard don't make it anywhere in life while some people do nothing and become rich and famous.
- The over-exaggeration of beauty. Beauty is personality not looks
- People who want relationships want sexual acts and all that matters is memories
- Over reaction of possessions
- That people care about quantity over quality when it comes to judge friends.
- How much sexual impulses control people.
- How many girls believe they have to be sluts to be beautiful
- That people complain that sex is being shown at younger ages while horror movies are perfectly fine for 5 year olds to see.
Here some More
- That people concentrate on actors and musicians when they don't pay attention to people trying to make the world a better place unless its controversial.
- That people don't understand world peace isn't possible because of a humans need for competition. Could be called the survival of the fittest.
- Scientists that test things on animals. They don't have a choice.

lol and that's some of the stuff. I'm watching comedy right now can't concentrate on my hate for most of society.
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Great post Sgt!

Materialism has not worked out well. The 'liberation' of women has not turned out too well either. It liberated them right out of the home into a world of consumerism. And like Sgt. said, slutty behaviour. (I know I'm going to get blasted for saying that)
The media is the message.
Politicians and judges control our lives.
Parents are giving up their rights at an alarming rate.
And I agree with SH, people have to start sincerely caring about each other in order to change anything.
The people need to rise up and say, "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!"
If we lose our fear we stop feeding the beast.
Good stuff in the world :

Most everything

Bad stuff in the world:


Oh yeah and 20th century society was a failed experiment, must start over.
Women were always consumers. What's changed is more rights, but the responsibilities have not changed. Our mating rituals have remained the same with men forced to take the dominant role, but women have been liberated from their forced acceptance. People need to have equal roles with women doing the asking as well before equality can come about. Hell, I refuse to see women as my equals until they (individually) overcome that. At the moment the majority just act like passive whores. Then there are the minority who are not whores and who do take the role of equality to actual equality and get my respect.

Unfortunately the aristocracy have reimplemented themselves with more power, and it's harder these days to remove them. They control mass media, and unfortunately it's done through "equality of opportunity" bullshit so they're harder to stop.

Men have lost their masculinity, and publicly try to pretend they have it by acting extra aggressive. Aggression really isn't necessary to prove how tough you are, you just need to be yourself and stand your ground on issues you believe in. Strength of willpower is what being a man is about, not punching someones head in because they listen to "the wrong music".

I agree with sumone, parents are giving up their rights to the government at too alarming a rate. A lot of it happened with the media fucking around with steve irwin and the government falling into it after this issue.

We need to hand the world over to the scientists for a decade or two without holding them back on the grounds of moral issues. THAT would solve a lot of shit.
Two decades of unchecked science, sure that's going to solve all our problems. :rolleyes:
Two decades of unchecked science, sure that's going to solve all our problems. :rolleyes:

Sure it will. 20 years of Unchecked Science will solve every single one of our current problems. It'll also create more :D
Exactly! :)
The world is full of humans. People dont really care about each other and we kill eachother over our differences.
The Pussycat Dolls!
Yech. And Tila Tequila. lol.
I wish human beings would be less intolerent and more empathic, then they are right now.

And I wish I would ever be able to find a balance between my attachment, passion, rage and my deppression, apathy, heartlessness.
Though it enrages me that people have a hard time understanding my feelings.
Tell me INFJs, what is wrong with this world? What do you see that is broken?

Ultimately, I feel that the world has been experiencing a spiritual death for quite some time. We're always seeking for the answers to our problems in all the wrong places and mediums, whether it be through money, religion, social status, and unfortunately, even love. And during this frantic search, we've forgotten what it means to be a presence on this planet. People don't look inside themselves anymore for the answers, too afraid of what they might find I suppose...or probably even more frightening, what they might not find at all. Even our spiritual leaders and teachings have the ego so intertwined with their "soul" that they can't separate them. We've also forgotten that first, before all things, all of us are humans, and in that aspect, we are all the same, truly the same...nothing special about us at all (which we hate). But treating someone as if they're a limb on your own body is not acceptable in society, we feel the urge to label everyone and
everything, and when we do that, layers of superficial understanding is born, then we build relationships on the foundations of that superficial "understanding" and that's how we go about our day, with a false sense of
security because we were just so smart to label other people. Ah, we deserve a cookie for being "smart" enough to recognize that person as a loser before they could do damage to us. So when we find out that someone doesn't live up to that label, or worse, we labeled them wrong, we stupidly act surprised. Guess we weren't so smart after all. Even more true when the realization falls upon us that someone feels differently from us and we can't tolerate it, "How dare they? But it's okay because they're just a (insert label here)". Forget the fact that they're truly the same as me...that before money, appearances, education, and social status, before this world could taint us or our vision, when we were "closest to god" as some say, just fetuses in the womb...we were all exactly the same (no technicalities needed, you know what I'm getting at). Just a thought (or many). Seriously, try to go a week and every person you deal with, say to yourself: "You are me" and believe it, feel it, and watch what happens, see how it changes you. Anyway, a lack thereof or an abundance of the above, depending, is what I think is the underlining problem. Our world is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves and eachother, so in order for the world to be better, we have to change ourselves, not try to change "the world".
The question of "What's wrong with the world" is one that nearly propelled me fully into a psych major. Studying crazy people is great... but looking at the so called "normal" people and revealing just how fucked up normal is... well...:m148: delicious.

I'm just gonna blame it on the faulty perceptions of human existence and the absurd notion of being somehow separate from everyone and everything else.
It is arguably (to me) a perfect world.
Please explain. That sounds kinda ignorant to me.


Perfect huh?