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What about you does not fit nice and neatly into your mbti description?


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Jan 11, 2009
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The INFP archetype is the Healer. Healers are said to be highly compassionate and empathetic. I find myself annoyed often when my private thoughts are disrupted.

Though it's true I do have a compassionate and empathetic side, to the point where if I am listening intently to someone, I begin to feel as if I can feel their negativity (as it usually is) in their given situation.

I don't have much of a 'fantasy world' going on in my head. If anything, I'm usually robotically focused on the task at hand during my waking life.

I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to my ethics and/or values..
Maybe because I'm still searching for meaning to derrive value from.

It's true that I am only happy in a job or career that I see is making a positive difference in the world, yet I don't like working directly with people.
Sometimes I can't stand being without people or being in contact with people constantly for days on end.

I often regard social problems in a very logical and calloused way, without feeling much sympathy for the people involved.

I am pretty competitive, although not in a outwardly sort of way -- I won't get aggressive, but I do automatically find something or someone to beat and work to be as good as or better than them (it's a personal thing -- I don't make it known that I'm competing)

I enjoy being spontaneous (borderline J/P)
I'm very textbook INFJ, but I do have deviations. Everyone does.

I may be extremely planned and careful. However, if I can convince myself I will not undergo harm (mostly physical) by doing something, I will do it. Example: I will jump off a 100ft cliff if I will land in deep water. I will ski as fast as possible (I have gone close to 50/60 mph in some cases, maybe faster), and I will go on any kind of amumsement park ride without hesitation just to name a few. I do have a very strong inner thrill seeker in me.

I am horrible with grammar. Although I have been making a conscious effort over the past few months to change this.

I am a very scientific person.

I put myself first before others in most cases. I have learned the hard way that playing the martyr all the time does not work.

Those are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head.
The ISFP description doesn't come close to describing my awesomeness.:m027:
I don't usually drive off cliffs. And I don't skydive.


I'm also not a chronic party goer, drunk, or pilot.
See, I want to be a chronic party goer, drunk, or pilot.

Maybe we should switch types, Slant
The ISFP description doesn't come close to describing my awesomeness.:m027:

Quick, this one's an ENTP in disguise! Shoot 'em before they reproduce! D:
I took one of the personality aspect quizzes someone posted a while ago and scored fairly low on the empathy scale, especially relative to some others INFJs' scores.

I think though that maybe it's not so much that I'm not empathetic as it is that I'm selective about who I extend my empathy to. It's exhausting otherwise, and I get tired of faking it.
I'm more analytical than the MBTI says I should be. I've often wondered why that is, I think it's cause I've consciously developed my Ti, having found Ni/Fe too unreliable during certain situations.
I love doing risky things, at times I really do enjoy being the center of attention (like performing with my band yada yada yada). I can be very spontaneous and not at all soft-spoken, especially with my friends. I actually enjoy going to parties and meeting new people.
The main thing is that my group of friends is basically the group of friends of an extrovert.

The other thing is that I use my J only slightly more than P. I am almost an INFP. This may just be because I've had to rely on it so much the past year because I never know what I'm going to do or when I'm going to do it.
I sometimes see things supposedly related to time of birth or horoscope that affect little things about me, but believe it to be just that instead of the other.
Whhheeewwww. I've been putting off making a more dedicated thread to the big question around here: INFP or INFJ. But, a lot of my trouble comes from the way people view structure and leadership for INFJs. So, structure is a lot more clear for SJs, it's about having plans decided, it's about having closure on many ideas using tradition and precedent, it's about a very tangible perfectionism, it's about moving in a straigher line, it's about actual structure. It's that way for leadership also, it's just so much more obvious with SJs, the map makers set specific plans for concrete action to meet real goals in an anticipated way.

So then we have all of these floaty, heady, and cerebral introverted NF characters... For the most part, my leadership probably looks more like that of the category of a perceiving type. I'm always taking huge girths of information and various perspectives and sort of tying them together, finding that meaning and noticing how it connects to everything. Looking back at my old journaling, I used the language of Ne like that a lot. I would frequently have deep journal entries about this idea of "everything connects to everything". And would sort of cut through perspectives wildly looking for that depth..... From what I've read, that probably makes me sound like an INFP...

If in fact I am an INFP, perhaps I'm one that has matured so much as to explain for how deeply bothered I am when ideas are tainted by the feelings that have provoked them. I care about integrity and consistency so much, and even in my crazier journaling days, I was driven mad by the angst that was sullying the integrity of my thoughts. Plus, INFPs have a sort of spontaneous lifestyle that I just cannot relate to. I am soooooo "safe". I order things with a hellish amount of obsessiveness. I have many collectibles that I just cannot percieve to be flawed. I mean, a lot of that has to do with the ol' OCD, but, I think there's more to it than that. I repeatedly go to the same restaurants sitting at mostly the same spot when I can. I organize wildly. I have my FRIENDS even on a schedule where we do things on Friday night, mainly to preserve the health of the relationships so that I don't seize far too much alone time, and so that they can stomach my resistence to doing "extra" get-togethers, which I do often let happen because I'm a sucker.

At work I can be kind of a mapmaker in that I'm a horrible delegator who just needs everyone to feel equipped with what promotions to be mindful of and helping them see habits to protect themselves from all of the trouble-areas that I see to be most likely. But, I could also come across as the INFP leadership of just sort of rallying them for the perspectives that will propell them into good actions.

So the powerful division that INFPs and INFJs supposedly have in leadership is "directing"(INFJ) vs. "informing"(INFP).
"Informing communication: The light is green.
Directing communication: Go."- from http://www.infjorinfp.com/
Sadly, I have to concede that I am indeed on the "informing" end of things... But after reading about it, it of course seems like it isn't just that simple. How many of you really feel like you are "directing" honestly, where you make direct requests rather than informing people of what needs to be done or of availability. I'm all for easing people into information that is necessary for them, which is supposely pretty INFP. But there are just so many things about Ni with Fe that work loudly for me. And I am not sold on INFJs being anything that resembles delegation or bald-faced bossy. I bounce about perspectives with ease at this point, and will always amass and integrate data together before making decisions, and all largly out of motivation to have closure on the right decisions that I will invest heavily into it so that I don't waffle about, and IS about fighting uncertainty. Does that make me an INFP?​
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Besides my more "sensitive" side... I fit into the ENTP type perfectly.

(the "sensitive" side was giving me false scores as an INFJ for awhile there...)
Even though INFJ fits me pretty darn well, I do have my deviations.....(fade screen)

(enter: deviations)

1. I'm not very cautious. I'm aware of the dangerous things I might be doing, but I simply don't care. Although, I dunno, this might actually be a very INFJ thing to do.

2. I'm scientific (but I hear that science isn't so far-fetched a subject for an INFJ to be into)

3. I'm analytical (nice Ti development, there!)

4. I love to plan things INTJ-style (if you don't know what this means, ask an INTJ)

5. I love using Ne to come up with random scenarios to explore and to ask "what if...?" (apparently this isn't common in INFJs, but however)

6. Even though I have to plan my spontaneity, I like to incorporate it into my life as much as I can (perhaps the "plan" part negates the last part, though)

7. I like people and yes, being around people. (Just not interacting with people :D)

I guess I really am kind of reaching, though, for reasons why I don't fit into INFJ neatly....but, then again, maybe I'm not!

Or am I?