Visual DNA Love Test...

You're a Wistful Soul :m083: hmm
You're Crazy in Love

You're a Love Magnet.

I demand a recount.

Edit: I take that back after I read it the description.
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You're a Rock Steady
Damn! I guess I'm warm and fuzzy.
You're Warm and Fuzzy

It looks like you're someone who's very down-to-earth when it comes to love. You tend to be pretty realistic about what makes a lifelong partnership work. You understand the value of forging a love based on friendship, respect and shared values. In fact, often your relationships develop out of friendships and your lover tends to be your best friend. Marriage and children are probably central to your life. As far as you're concerned, a true relationship is one that matures with time and work. Just make sure that you keep the spark of passion alive.
Warm and Fuzzy.

Especially liked the tabbed book parts - very apt! Almost...scary.:m033:
Love Magnet, it says.