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Teen beaten to death caught on cell phone


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Nov 29, 2008
I just...I don't have the words for it. It grieves me. I know stuff like this happens but it doesnt' make me feel any better. I wish I were a stronger individual. I wish I were strong enough to *want* to teach high schoolers in Chicago. Teach them, so they can feel free enough to not want to do this to each other.

But I'm not. I'm not strong enough.

I'm not sure who is.

I wish we had stronger, braver people in the world.

Video shows teens beating Chicago student to death
By KAREN HAWKINS, Associated Press Writer Karen Hawkins, Associated Press Writer 1 hr 36 mins ago

I love this sort of crime. Not the beating to death, but that they video taped it and put it on youtube, so now there's video evidence to lock them in prison.
it is sad, and as a teen myself..I wish I could do anything to stop this, however I feel like I lack power to do so. I'm currently a Junior in high school and my high school years have been very bad, I have been constantly bullyed and picked on (Both physically and verbally) perhaps why I lack such self-confidence, and I been beaten up badly before, problems like this still show up for me. Anyways, I find today's kids are so violent, exposed to things such more violent media. I find it horrible that this is happening in the US. In Florida, something similar happened, some 17-year old kid got stabbed to death because he was with another guy's girlfriend, seriously I find this to be pathetic and makes me wonder how people can be so ignorant, irresponsible, mean etc. Their parents don't do anything about it either. We are experiencing moments of extreme aggression in schools now a days. Here in Florida because of the incident I mentioned they are doing weaponry checked in schools. like 10 kids have been caught so far with weapons such as knifes and even pistols. I think something must be done to change this, someone who can actually stand up to this.
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Yeah, people are damn stupid when it comes to committing crimes. They might as well turn themselves in.
A lot of kids get exposed to too much violence growing up I think. They're pretty much being desensitised to it.
Suspect charged in Coral Gables High stabbing

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CORAL GABLES, Fla. (WSVN) -- Students dressed in black returned to school a day after a 17-year-old was stabbed to death in the courtyard of Coral Gables Sr. High School.
Seventeen-year-old Andy Rodriguez has been charged with one count of second degree murder after he confessed to stabbing Juan Carlos Rivera, also 17, multiple times on campus Tuesday.
Rodriguez's mother and grandmother plead before a judge to release him, but the court judge denied their request.
Students said what started as a fist fight turned into a deadly stabbing when Rodriguez pulled out a switchblade and stabbed Rivera multiple times. "They were just pushing off each other, and at one moment, one student pulled out a knife," said fellow student Felix Cedeno. "I don't know if it was a switchblade or a box cutter, and he stabbed the victim three times."
Miami-Dade Police said Rodriguez confessed to the murder and is currently at a juvenile assessment center in Downtown Miami.
Cedeno recalls the horrifying incident that occurred just after 9 a.m. "One wound on the chest, another wound on the collar bone and one right behind the kidney. I was like, I can't believe this is happening. I see a guy bleeding, I see him in pain holding his chest, and as soon as he fell to the ground I ran over to help him as soon as I could, while calling 911," he said.
Cedeno said Rodriguez ran away soon after the stabbing. "He backed off, he looked at him with an angry face, and then he ran off towards the Riveria side."
Peers said the two teens were fighting over a girl.
Officials locked down the school as students peered out of their classroom windows. Parents rushed to the scene, frantic and worried about their children. "A kid just died, just passed away. That's what they say," said one parent.
Meanwhile, Rivera's cousin went to the school hoping to find him. Rivera just moved to South Florida from Cuba five months ago. "I asked a girl, 'Hey, do you know my cousin?' and she says 'Who's your cousin?' and I told her the name and showed her a picture and she says, 'Oh, find out, because I think that's the guy that got killed,'" said Laura Peinado, as she sobbed.
Five years ago, a student, 14-year-old Jaime Gough, at Southwood Middle School was stabbed to death in a bathroom by a knife-wielding student, Michael Hernandez, also 14. The parents of Gough were reminded of their own loss when the news broke of Rivera's death. "No parent would like to go through that. You send your kid to school, and you expect them to come back home," said Jorge Gough.
The Gough family said they will pray for Rivera's family and continue to lament that the change they had hoped to see in schools since their own son's murder still hasn't happened. "I've been going through this for five years, and I still haven't seen anything happen at the schools," said Gough. "Metal detectors or something for the kids. We're spending money on stuff, and our children are dying in the schools."
Rodriguez's next court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 6.
Parents who have any questions, concerns or would like grief counseling should call the parent hotline at 305-995-3000.

here is the Florida one.
There was A middle school right next to my apartment when I was maybe 18. One day I was looking out the window and saw a massive fight. Three kids were kicking the shit out of this chick. Then everyone scattered and the fight seemed to be over, but in reality one of the kids was running to get a brick. She managed to smack the victim in the back with it, then the police came.

This all happened in around three minutes. That kind of thing is pretty common place in inner city schools. I managed to stay the hell away from some of the worst ones.
Yeah, people are damn stupid when it comes to committing crimes. They might as well turn themselves in.
A lot of kids get exposed to too much violence growing up I think. They're pretty much being desensitised to it.

Agreed... desensitization seems to open many more horrible possibilities in behavior.
I use to go to a city school and violent aggressive fights were pretty common. Knives in the hallways and when I was 9 or 10, some kid got shot at on the playground. He lived but it was pretty scary. Shortly after that we moved.

I'm not gonna pass the buck to the media. Poverty breeds crime, it always has and always will. These things aren't new, they just video taped and reported on the news now more than they use to. These kids are desensitized because of the environment they are brought up in, not what they see on TV.
Self-control isn't as stressed as it used to be. We need to re-learn some values or re-instill a sense of honor or fear or faith or something. This makes me sick.
If anything like that ever happens, don't get involved. Run away and don't look back: call the police.

I hate that others got pulled into the brawl. If they're going to fight, do it somewhere else so that other people are not going to get involved. The state should set harsher penalties for fights if they break occur in certain areas (schools, hospitals, etc.)