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Superbowl LI - 2017


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Dec 29, 2009
Hi all,

to offset my 'un American' comments lol, I just wanted to start a thread on the upcoming superbowl. It will be screened live here in the UK via the BBC. NFL soccer has become increasingly popular here, my step son has seen several games, in London and in America.

I should say straight off, I know little to nothing about the NFL, but I can't wait to see it. All I know is it's in Texas this year and Lady Gaga is booked for the half time show. I always stay up late to see them (i just enjoy the spectacle). The BBC always have a couple of American guests to explain it all to rookies like me, who have no idea what's going on.

Do most American's have a party or watch it with friends/family ? Or is it no big deal. I realise not everyone likes sport etc. I'm just interested/nosy lol. This year I will be supporting The Falcons, though I think The New England Patriots are the slight favorites ? Ok. hut hut.. fumble.. incomplete pass.. lol.

Lets see what people think... ;)
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I just played "the Superbowl" on Maddens. It was hilarious, I can barely play even on the easiest level. Omg... I missed every single field goal attempt. But by a fluke won it with The Falcons 6 to zero.

I hope the game tomorrow is better than that. If my son had seen it, I'd never hear the end of it. :)

Ha I'm officially old now. Lol.
So who should I root for?
:m114:I doubled-down --
$50 on the Falcons and
$50 on the Patriots.
2-1 split
with minimum 14 point spread on Falcons
and minimum 7 point spread, with max 14 points on Patriots ....

:m075:***how much do I win after the math is done???
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I'm actually going to pay attention and listen to the rules n shit.
My brother has been soooo patient with me on this. For instance explaning why downs can change.

This is the first time I'm watching the SB start to finish.
I'm also ready for my #Queen Gaga to take the stage <3
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Ok well, it's been awesome so far. Go Falcons ! Lady Gaga opens in Texas with Woody Guthrie ?

America. You're gonna be ok. Lol ;)
Lady haha killed it.
Nice to see some drones in action.
Jesus taking the wheel for the Patriots right now
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