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    [ENTJ] 7 Signs You're Dating a LOSER!

    LOSER. LOSER. LOSER. Ladies, based on the content in this video are you dating a LOSER? Gentlemen, have you ever dated a loser? Maybe you are a loser! If you are, cut it out! How considerate are you of others?
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    [ENTJ] The First 2020 Presidential Debate (Biden vs Trump)

    Let's watch the United States presidential debate live- click on the video above. We're going to comment together here about what the candidates say. The candidates are Joe Biden and Donald Trump. I'm not going to describe their platforms here. I will let both candidates speak for themselves.
  3. Roses In The Vineyard

    Bribery and extortion = government

  4. J

    "The Mooch..."

    I don't want to create an angry thread, but has anyone seen some of the comments, the new White House Spokesperson appears to have made ?? Omg... America is a very different place to Britain. For once I don't mean the rain either. This feels like a scene from The Sopranos. It's just surreal...
  5. J

    Superbowl LI - 2017

    Hi all, to offset my 'un American' comments lol, I just wanted to start a thread on the upcoming superbowl. It will be screened live here in the UK via the BBC. NFL soccer has become increasingly popular here, my step son has seen several games, in London and in America. I should say straight...
  6. Artisan

    Riots in America.... Again...

    Hey people, So once again some kid got shot in America, and once again, the entire town is supposedly shocked and in grief, with ton's of people "demonstrating". Personally I think the more news I see coming from the US, the more I feel like I'm watching a nation that is well off its rockers...