[ENTJ] The First 2020 Presidential Debate (Biden vs Trump)

Who won the debate?

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"Magnificent Bastard" / Ren's Counterpart
3w4, 3-8-7

Let's watch the United States presidential debate live- click on the video above. We're going to comment together here about what the candidates say. The candidates are Joe Biden and Donald Trump. I'm not going to describe their platforms here. I will let both candidates speak for themselves.

Biden's poetry
The only thing Trump has ever excelled at is getting attention. He does it with catch phrases, bullying and lies upon lies saying what he thinks people want to hear. It's a facade that needs to be cracked and Joe doesn't have the dynamite in his pocket to do it with unless the stage removes Trump's advantage: Don't show shakes of the head, mute the mic.

This debate is a disaster... can't even score it.