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Study Reveals a New Criterion for Compatibility

Turkey (roasted or smoked), bacon, mustard, LOTS of mayonaise, lettus, cucumber, pickles, red peppers, horse raddish, and avocado = love

so the American stereotype of "lots of mayonaise please" was true after all... :D
Shrimp sandwich is the way to go
Why do I not see oyster po' boys? or french dips?
My favorites, yum.

With a steady supply of those, and maybe some nice icy cold glasses of adult beverages, you can attract pretty many potential partners.
Turkey Sub, No Cheese, All Veggies, Salt and Pepper with Oil and Vinegar.

Now who wants to make babies?
As a vegetarian who doesn't like egg salad sandwiches I strenuously object to their racist survey! :rant:
That made me hungry!

Do you have any food? :m130:

I chose tuna FYI

Any egg salads Up in hiya?
Working link to the article:,0,5862922.story

I'm sure me and my best love mate won't be matched by intellectual interests or any particular interests. It's something else, usually. Not just pure body attraction, not at all, but it's not conceptual. We may even disagree on the majority of things, and fight and argue regularly, and still be madly in love. This way also our perspectives are broadened.

So now, let's proceed with sandwiches!

Wow, turns out I don't know much about these sandwiches - had to check them by names etc.

Something like Ham & Cheese without the Ham. ^^ Or Egg salad. Honestly, I dislike all of them.