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Nov 12, 2008
1w2 sx/so/sp
I'm actually shocked with myself, but I am really not sure what to make of my cognitive function results. Last week, I took the test and I came out with results that were similar to stuff in the past, but different in some marked ways. To be certain that I when I took it I was of sound clear mind (I felt like I was anyway), I took it again just now, with more or less the same results. Blue was from earlier in the week, green was just now. Also, when I took this test I was just looking at each question, and was not thinking "what function is this?" I actually took it each question at a time:
(I reaslise this a long post, at the very least, look at the data below)

extraverted Sensing (Se) ******** (8.4)

extraverted Sensing (Se) ******** (8.4)

introverted Sensing (Si) *************************************** (39.1)
excellent use
introverted Sensing (Si) ***************************************** (41.1)
excellent use

extraverted Intuiting (Ne) ************************ (24.8)
average use

extraverted Intuiting (Ne) ********************** (22.9)
limited use

introverted Intuiting (Ni) *********************************************** (47)
excellent use

introverted Intuiting (Ni) ************************************************ (48.9)
excellent use

extraverted Thinking (Te) ******************************** (32)
good use

extraverted Thinking (Te) ******************************** (32)
good use

introverted Thinking (Ti) **************** (16.4)
limited use

introverted Thinking (Ti) *********************** (23.5)
limited use

extraverted Feeling (Fe) ************************************** (38.1)
excellent use
extraverted Feeling (Fe) ******************************* (31)
good use

introverted Feeling (Fi) ********************************** (34.8)
good use

introverted Feeling (Fi) ******************************** (32.8)
good use

Ni>Si>Fe>Fi>Te>Ne>Ti>Se (Predicted: INFJ)

Ni>Si>Fi>Te>Fe>Ti>Ne>Se (Predicted: INTJ)

These are pretty consistant results here (I mean, little changed, and Te and Se are the exact same numbers). This leads me to believe that this accurate for me. Again, I felt like I was in a sound, clear, neutral mind when I took the analysis. Ni, and Se are of no surprise to me what so ever. Si though, really has thrown me for a loop. I have realised over the past few months that I often use Si to back up my Ni. At first, from a cognitive standpoint, this seems impossible. Yet, I do it. I very often back up my Ni thoughts with stuff that I have experienced, learned, and felt in the past. I am also rather anal-retentive about doing things "right", and that there is a clear way to do them. However, what prevents me from being a dominate Si user, is my tendency to bend rules (not break, I am far too cautious for that) to my own liking. I actually do follow customs, ideals, rules of others much more then I'd like to admit, despite being as indivisualistic as I am. So because of this it makes my Si score seem more or less valid. It just appears higher then I would assume (I mean, second?).

Having Si as my second used function though sort of throws a monkey wrench in my set though. It doesn't fit, nor have I seen any INFJ on this board with a Si score higher then their 5th function. Yet, I truly do feel that these results are valid, and that I was not over or underestimating the results. I have actually found myself becoming more truthful about myself then I like to admit I am, and I guess this is another step. Coming to terms with the fact that I do adhear to rules and customs much more then I want to (despite my very strong inner resistance to them, and my ready posistion to buck them at the first chance). It also explains my excessivly cautious nature. I realised a few weeks ago that I am far more cautious to everything then anyone else I know. The total realisation of this came at the end of August. In acting we were forced to play a game. Me not even leaving my spot to get across the circle during a warm-up game, at the risk of having to be "it" and having to talk to people I don't know, showed alot to me. To be honest, when I reaslied this, I felt quite pathetic, it's so weak of me to be that way, but I find it so hard to go against my cautious nature. Ni, and Si are very slow functions. Coversely, Ne and Se (my bottom two) are the fastest functions. As such, this is where my extreme cautious nature comes from.

Despite the fact that my second set says I am INTJ, I disagree with that. I still feel I am an INFJ. However, my exact identity has come into question. So, I ask anyone who reads this that has any sort of insight or ideas to this to please comment, based on these results, past results, and what you have picked up from my posting style, and demenor. I have always in the past prided myself of knowing myself exactly, and it is very unconfortable (albeit somewhat exciting) for me to have to question this.

Another note about this, despite my apparent high useage of Ni and Si (both perceiving functions), am not a perceiver. I am most definitely a judger. On the classic test, my judging score is always highest anyway. I actually feel that Ni and Si are more aligned with Juging sensibillites then perceiving anyway. As I feel that Fi and Ti are more in line with perceiving sensibillites.

On a side note:
I know this could fit in the cognitive function test thread, but I want feed-back from those who know me pretty well here, so I thought it warrented its own thread. So other mods, if you want me to merge this. I will do so :)

Edit: I decided to make a video to accompany this post, maybe it will add some clarity (sorry for the lack-luster sync quality, youtube did something, and I reaslise it makes it hard to pay attention):

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I'm not sure what to say Indigo, I don't know much about cognitive processes. But I understand completely how uncomfortable it can be to feel unsure about yourself.

As a side note, I was actually thinking about this test earlier today, and thinking I'd ask you for a link. Love synchronicities :)
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I wish I were more confident regarding function theory, IS. But really, most of your functions came out the same apart from your Fe and Ti functions. Could school be influencing your results? Are you involved in other activities that require a higher Ti function for a short period of time? Anything strain your Fe lately?

I know you felt neutral, but can you say with certainty that you took the test in the same mood you were in when you took it the first time?
Hi, I don't know you well, but I have something to say.

You'd better not take the tests that seriously. Honestly most tests are badly designed. Plus they are subject to personal interpretation of statements, so a test probably won't give you who you are. It can give you some clues though.

I think the test tells you definitely that you're an INJ, but the rest you'll have to read the profile and decide. Of course people here who know you well should be able to tell you the truth, if they are willing to. =)
My Fe has been strained lately (just slightly) because my Ni was/is overprocessing (nothing new) a guy I might end up going out with. It comes in waves though. Ti is called upon in pchem, and research, but that is about it.

Also, I was pretty much in the exact same mood and mindset when I took both of these. Hence I feel they are valid.

Perhaps this will have to be something your friends will have to tell you - your real life, in person friends. Online can give a false impression because it's easy to internalize so much and regurgitate what's deep inside. If we're honest with ourselves, we'll be honest to say that we can never really know if we're being honest with ourselves (circular argument is...circular).

I'm not saying you're not being honest - not at all. But it's like staring at a term paper when you're only halfway finished and really, really tired: To be any good at it you have to put it down and look at it at another time to see if the results remain the same.

Take the test again, in about three weeks. Let this stew for a while. Then compare the results with the third test to see if there's a definite pattern.

I added a video in the first post, as it might help clarify some things, and I just felt like making a video, haha.
Sadly I can't view the clip atm so I hope there's nothing important I'm missing out on but...

With CF tests I can score basically any type, it's difficult to separate what is being asked with your knowledge of what that means, even when trying to remain as unbiased as possible answers are influenced.

That said, I think you're mistyped. I've always thought you were more likely an ENFP.

Without using functions to explain it, what is it about INFJ that you associate with?
Well, lets start with the Keirsey quadrants:

Are you a rational, idealist, artisan or guardian? To me you're so obviously an idealist that you could never be an INTJ as the test suggests.

Next, apply J vs P:

You're obviously a judger. Ne is not exactly a strong function of your's, and both idealist perceivers use Ne. Also, Ni and Si are both J functions, and you're very very obviously Ni strong even without the test results.

Last, E vs I:

The last two choices are ENFJ vs INFJ, and you don't come across as an ENFJ, and you video demeanor is very held back and reserved: signs of an introvert. With Ni and Si both being so high, I think its safe to conclude introvert.

Therefore, INFJ.
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Like others have said, the online tests are not particularly accurate, so all results from them should be taken with a hefty pinch of salt.

FWIW, I worked out my type by devouring as many of the type descriptions as I could get my hands on and deciding which one(s) sounded most like me (IME no description is ever 100% accurate).
Ah yes, I know I put a lot of stock into test results, but I just need data and numbers to nail things down like this (Te). Nevertheless, this test has proven to be accurate before, so that is why I am putting so much validity into it.

I have no doubt in my mind that I am an infj, and the description of the type fits me better then any of the other types. While I can pull out some things from other types, not enough of it fits me.

I hadn't read type descriptions for a long time, but I read all of them (god that took a while). Yet again, INFJ fits me almost to an exact tee, INTJ would be in second, ENFP would be in third.

How do you see me as an ENFP lurker? I Know online that I might appear differently then I am in real life (hence I made the video :tongue1:), but I am friends with A LOT of ENFP's and let me tell you, I am quite different then the lot of them. There is a major difference in their demener from mine. One of the biggest standout things is their abillity to readily speak their mind. I have to sit and process it for a long time before I say something, and even then I hold back most things until I know it is ok for me to say something. They also seem to have a very small embaressment switch, mine is the size of texas.

Really, I still know I am an INFJ, that has not really come into question much. I am just interested in why my results are the way they are, and if anyone could explain this nature. It also might explains why I seem to be different then some of then INFJ's here.
I also think your putting way too much stock in the test.

tests can be wrong.

and you even gave logical reasons as to why your functions may have shifted in the last few weeks. That should be good enough.
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I don't see you as a thinking type or a perceiver, honestly. Or an extrovert. However, I wouldn't be too shocked if you were an ISFJ -- I know a few of them in real life, and they're not that much different than we are. More in touch with details, more aware of how they present themselves...good interior designers :D But you're intelligent enough, that I could see some blurring at the S/N line if you did happen to be ISFJ.

I'm not saying you are or that I suspect you to be, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to be open to the possibility. I'd say just go with what you're given -- INFJ looks good on you, and Si is useful in many ways, so be thankful :D
I am open to that idea. However, there is one thing that prevent me from accpeting the idea of being an ISFJ. I have never, not even a single time, over the years, tested as S. The lowest score I ever gotten on N is around 30%, and it is usually around the 50%.

Here are a few marked ISFJ descriptions from the type that fit me completely 100%:

+ they are notoriously bad at delegating ("If you want it done right, do it yourself").
+ ISFJs are often overworked, and as a result may suffer from psychosomatic illnesses.
+ if any of their nearest and dearest depart from the straight-and-narrow, it causes the ISFJ major embarrassment: the closer the relationship and the more public the act, the more intense the embarrassment (a fact which many of their teenage children take gleeful advantage of). <<< this is so so so so so so so freaking true
+ One ISFJ trait that is easily misunderstood by those who haven't known them long is that they are often unable to either hide or articulate any distress they may be feeling. (I hate this about me, but apparently it is easily seen when I am strained, just the depth of it is not apparent).

Guess I didn't read this one fully...heh. I sort of skimmed them after the first 3, this description does fit me pretty darn well. In light of this, I am going to resign myself to IxFJ for the time being.
N/S is actually one of the sketchier parts of MBTI, I think. It's definitely the hardest to explain to someone who is learning the theory, I've discovered over time. One of the biggest problems with it is its correlation with intelligence.

I'm not saying N types are more intelligent. However, N types tend to be more interested in theory and all that, and when an S type is very intelligent, they also have similar interests. It blurs the line a lot. My ESTP friend is actually very much like an ENTP -- he tested ENTJ the first time he took the test. But if you look closely, he just has a lot of interests in N-type things. That confuses the tests a lot, and sometimes it's hard to tell even in real life.

But like I said, I wouldn't worry about it. You'll find your answers eventually, and if you are ISFJ, you can gloat about your awesome use of Ni :D And if you're INFJ, then you can gloat about Si -- which I'm a bit envious about, because that function would be pretty damn useful.
I have no idea about all this- but I loved the video!
I'm not overly concerned, but it is just unconfortable. If you remember when I first came here way back when, I was all about "I can't stand S! I don't use it at all! All my friends are N types! Blah!" so it has been a long assumption that I am an N type, and I still feel like I am more of an N then an S, but the line is unclear so I am stating x until I do some more thinking, and I get some more feedback (von hase, that means you buddy! :tongue1:).

Yeah, Si is your last function. You also have use of Ne though and that is just as useful. If anything, my lack of that (and Se) is extremely resctricting for me.
Yeah, S's have a bad rep on the internet. I really love S types, though, even though most of my friends are NJ types. They have a lot of good qualities. And yeah, you don't have to decide anything yet -- in fact, this could be an adventure! Blaze a trail into your mind! ;)

And extroverted percieving functions aren't too hard to develop, especially if you find someone that has a good use of 'em. Basically, do a bunch of stupid things in public for fun, and you've got a good start :D
Yeah, S's have a bad rep on the internet. I really love S types, though, even though most of my friends are NJ types. They have a lot of good qualities. And yeah, you don't have to decide anything yet -- in fact, this could be an adventure! Blaze a trail into your mind! ;)

And extroverted percieving functions aren't too hard to develop, especially if you find someone that has a good use of 'em. Basically, do a bunch of stupid things in public for fun, and you've got a good start :D

nooooooooooooo grandiose acts in public! You have no idea how akward/embaressing that is for me! >_<

It might seem easy for you to develop perceiving functions, but for me it is hard. I do have tons of ENFP friends, one is a best friend, and another best friend of mine is ESFP. I am around Ne and Se quite often, and under the right circumstances, it will be coaxed out of me, but it's rare. It is hardest for me to apply Ne/Se in a social sense. Alcohol allows me to use Ne, and Se, but seeing as alcohol is hard on my body, it is not a common, nor sought out scenario.

First, thanks for the kudos on film, IS - I didn't expect it, but it was nice to hear. :D And I think if it helps Von might be able to give you more insights, but really, rest on it. You seem really uncomfortable with things right now, and that can't be helpful when you're trying to make decisions.

Or, IM Von and see if he responds. :D

But not matter what area of the spectrum you fall, recognize that we'll all love you regardless. Type doesn't matter: Who you *are* matters.