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Apr 21, 2009
Which is your favorite monkey emoticon? Please go into some depth as to the reasoning behind your choice.

This is my favorite hands down. His name is Nigel. He is a little shy, but has a real shiver of joy because his little monkey lover Nina wants him to come over to drink Cherry Armadillos (and you know where that will lead). I'm quite charmed by the little monkey feet that boogie about.



This one... his name is Vernon. Don't be frightened he is just excited to see you. He doesn't bite often...
You chose mine, Julia! But this one is a close second: :m039:

Name is Ralphie, quite the sassy monkey. Maturity is obviously his fort

It's a litle girly maybe (would be better without the pink flower), but still, the love coming off this monkey is tangible. Everyone needs loving kisses blown at them once in a while.

He's like a little me. Isolating, Calm, Impenetrable, Smokes a thick cuban.

It's an image of "Cool Power"

His name is Vincent. He is helpful when you have a job to do. He doesn't talk much and I don't mind. Think of him as a janitor, spy, detective, and overall useful kind of guy.

This is Barry, I like him because he is self confident, so sure of himself, he looks like he just beat his high score.

That's Dino. He actually managed to escape the asylum last week. He's a convicted mass murderer. He's free roaming the streets now. He's watching you, your family, your friends...and waiting...waiting... for an oppo... opportunity to... to... heh... heehheh... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
The monkeys must die!
:m114: Future looks so bright, gotta wear shades....
Ok no more monkeys.


This is my favourite because it's my usual expression when I read here.
Monkeys fling poo for no reason and do obscene things in public just to amuse themselves. By that token, you'd think I'd like them, but I don't. Death to the monkeys!

::goes to find tools of destruction to exterminate all of the monkeys::
Let's form a monkey death-squad. They're stinkin up the ambience.
Yup. You, me and Lurker should form some sort of monkey massacre posse. I've always wanted to be in a posse. I've got dibs on this monkey....

He looks to be in pain and that'll make him slow.


If anyone touches the monkeys you'll have a great hairy man-ape to contend with...
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