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Von, that video was very inspiring. It gave such a sense of inner peace, calm, security. I feel comfortable with this and I feel iI can relate, somehow..I the vibes flowing through my body in a way which is very hard t explain, it just brings out my inner-self.
Beautifully done.
So soothing. Liked it very much!
I've never seen anything quite like this, or parallel to this. Listening to and watching this put me in a state I can't quite find words for, but it is incredible. Thank you.
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2:20-2:40 and 3:45 to end = me exactly.

Good video.
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This is a perfect audio visual analogy for how my mind works.

I've often tried to describe to people how my mind works, and the best way I've found is like this:

Imagine a room that houses lots of large interlocking cogs. Each cog represents an irreducible aspect of a situation that I'm pondering.

As I stimulate the gears into motion, they'll move around in a relatively uninteresting way, but then out of nowhere the gears will "line up", and I'll be able to feel that about to happen. It is an attention grabbing moment, like a crash of thunder and lightning. That lining up is insight, and I'll be enthusiastic to express/record what I've seen before it fades from view as the gears turn through and out of that moment.

Understand that this is not a methodical process, it's an internal observation of something large and intricate that I'm stimulating with my mind.
ONFJ Video

This is such a perfect depiction of how my mind worked pre-stroke. It's different now, though hard to describe the change. I only know I could listen to and watch this video all day.
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Drops of thought poke and pulse in the background until at some input they expand or multiply into a wider horizon or string of deeper insight. That becomes a new stability until something integrates and condenses it back into a denser whole pulsing again against the background. At certain points it all expands and pulses so large it encompasses the whole of the vision and then spins the perspective so that many angles reveal themselves--sometimes so chaotically it's hard to keep a handle on stability. But eventually it all integrates and condenses back, energy spent, existing until the next manifestation of idea, or self, explodes from the material of the last journey.

Or at least that's the best verbal description I could give to complement this visual description. My cognitive journey is a rhythmic and cyclical one that spirals me repeated through the territory of life, each time with new turns or expansions straining me against my cage and shaking my sight into new visions.
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Hehe, I have had this album since I graduated highschool back in 2007 :)
Wow Von, what a perfect way to describe the sensation of it all. Yes, very affirming, validating and relaxing. Great therapy.