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I saw this cloud


Aug 3, 2010
5w6 sp/so/sx
So I saw this cloud and had to take a photo of it because it looked like some kind of sheep standing on a rock to me. What do you think it looks like?

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It almost looks like Donkey from Shrek.

Cool thread idea too, especially if others find some good ones.
Well since you clouded my perception I too see a sheep..lol Nice photo..
A cloud.

I'm sorry, that was a cheap gag. Forgive me.

In seriousness, it really does look like a sheep/ram on a rock. In fact, I dare say it looks an awful lot like @denkster06;'s avatar.
a goat on a mountain rock! - totally! nice photo....
also a bit like a camel
the lower cloud looks like a fetus
tongue over full lips, similar to rolling stone's logo, but from below
unicorn on a cloud
an old aristocratic lady with big nose and feathers on her hat and top; she looks to the west
dino flintstone close head portrait
an indian chief, instead of the old lady, same nose, same feathers
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A guy with his face pointed upward, who swallowed a cigarette, and now has smoke coming out of his mouth and eye sockets.

Could this indicate some kind of psychological problem?
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a goat with a wig getting eaten by an upside down octopus
A child reclining on a chair, reading, with their feet and knees pulled up. The chair might be on a rock.
It looks like a hand is pinching some salt or sugar or flour
Clearly it is a goat on a mountain rock (and I didn't copy the guy up there who said it first :( )
it's a poodle standing on top of a bear? The bear is trying to bring the poodle down to earth by holding onto it's paws? :m075:
I see a fawn with folded wings standing on a mushroom ready to take flight :love:
Beautiful photo. I see a hunched-back old woman (or could also be a young woman with a child on her back) bent, washing something, perhaps clothes. I also see the sheep. And it looks like it's standing on another sheep...ram (male sheep) to be specific...the only thing missing are the hooves.