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Oct 7, 2013
    1. Oranguh
      I read your book, Mr.Wind up Bird, it was extremely depressing.

      I read your "about me page" I also moved a lot. I actually can't count how many times.... I don't remember, how am I supposed to remember these things. Doesn't matter. But wow~ We seem to have opposite interests and values if I take a quick glance.~~ :D hello~

      But I mean I should elaborate. . . .

      I can speak 3 languages as well. But that's because of circumstances I could not circumvent. I don't like learning languages :0 I find it icky. I have issues with morality, ethics, religion; It doesn't make sense to me. (but that doesn't mean I'm an evil person mind you~ To my idea I'm very nice.... Other say so as well? But that doesn't really mean anything...). Secretly I dislike every form of nationalism, pride for your country?, I just don't get it.

      But wait, I'm getting too negative~ It's because you're so interesting that I posted this. It's because I wanted to be honest that I came across as a bit hostile.... this doesn't work well.... Aaaaaaanyways~ I like cooking too :D yaaay

      uuuh :( Well this is awkward....

      Yeaaaa. :D hi
    2. aerosol
      I love languages too...
    3. Solongo
      cool. welcome to the forums :)
    4. Solongo
      My mom and i came to the US when i was like 12. and stayed ever since. where are you from?
    5. Trifoilum
      yeah; totally agreed.

      Thanks for the offer, I do have the PDF :) One third of the book and it's good so far. The atmosphere (for better or worse) is.. a bit different from Wind-Up Bird Chronicles,this time more industrial kind of bleak, but it's still good.
    6. Trifoilum
      I'm terrified by his sense of.... writing. It almost seems like the world's...empty. It has a mundane, slice-of-life quality even in the weirdest of scenes, which makes it terrifying for me. Yet it's also compelling.

      I have little idea what to read first; I'm mostly torn between Hard-Boiled Wonderland and Kafka on the Shore.... maybe I'm going towards Wonderland first.
    7. Bird
      Wonderful book.
    8. Trifoilum
      yay, Mr. Wind-Up Bird! I just read it XDDD...And come to think about it, I stumbled to you right after reading that very same book. The coincidence..... with the book's themes..... To me it's meta it's scary. >_>;

      It's a terrific book. It also terrifies me as much as I like it, though.
    9. Trifoilum
      I..I...... just curiousity; where do you get your nickname from?
    10. MrWindUpBird
      Thanks, I'm doing well. It's nice to see a fellow open Christian on an internet seething with cynicism and bandwagon atheism. : )
    11. Barnabas
      Hey how are you, figured i would take the chance to give you first vm, welcome and thanks for posting in my thread
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  • About

    I moved 14 times before I turned 18. I'm used to being a bit of an outsider, but I tend to get along very well with people wherever I go.
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    My religion/morality, my family, my country, good Cajun cooking, good books, and Tabasco sauce.

    I can go without the internet, clean water, and public toilets; I've done it before.
    What would be your epitaph?:
    Please exhume when the Saints win the superb... oh wait.
    I'm Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, and weakly Judging.

    I love languages; I speak three fluently and several others at a basic level. I can also read probably half a dozen different scripts, all self taught. If I could make a living with it, I would major in Linguistics. : ) I'm currently double majoring in Chinese and International Studies. Chinese is my life, I love the people, culture, language, everything. I'm currently learning how to play the guzheng, and there's at least one video on youtube of me rapping a Chinese pop song to an audience... but I won't tell you where it is.

    My other various interests include sailing, cooking, surreal literature, writing, occasional attempts at exercise, and of course my social life.


    -May Kasahara