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I'm Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, and weakly Judging.

I love languages; I speak three fluently and several others at a basic level. I can also read probably half a dozen different scripts, all self taught. If I could make a living with it, I would major in Linguistics. : ) I'm currently double majoring in Chinese and International Studies. Chinese is my life, I love the people, culture, language, everything. I'm currently learning how to play the guzheng, and there's at least one video on youtube of me rapping a Chinese pop song to an audience... but I won't tell you where it is.

My other various interests include sailing, cooking, surreal literature, writing, occasional attempts at exercise, and of course my social life.
I moved 14 times before I turned 18. I'm used to being a bit of an outsider, but I tend to get along very well with people wherever I go.
In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?
My religion/morality, my family, my country, good Cajun cooking, good books, and Tabasco sauce.

I can go without the internet, clean water, and public toilets; I've done it before.
What would be your epitaph?
Please exhume when the Saints win the superb... oh wait.


I mean, what happens in between the time when you push the switch and when the microwave rings?
Maybe the rice pudding first turns into macaroni cheese in the darkness when nobody's looking and only then turns back into rice pudding. We think it's natural to get rice pudding, but to me that's just a presumption. I would be kind of relieved if, every once in a while, after you put rice pudding mix in the microwave and it rang and you opened the top, you got macaroni cheese.
-May Kasahara