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How many times have you died?


Time Lord
Oct 7, 2009
Florida man
I have a question foryou my friend, have you ever died. no not the physical death and decompostion of the body, but instead one that killed what made you, you.

A massive emotional experience that forever changed you, positive or negative. Something so powerfull that it destroyed your previous existence.

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I have had many experiences that were trying and caused a lot of changes in me, but nowhere near to the point where I could call it a "death". I don't think very many people could call it that.
Well, I had a near-death experience about a year and a half ago. It changed my perspective and outlook on life, but I don't think it destroyed my previous existence.

So kinda?
I probably suffered mini deaths as a kid, but this only shaped me I guess.

I definitely died in the sense you mean when I was 19 and my best friend died. I used to be far more outgoing and was down the pub a lot more with my mates, but afterwards our whole group completely split up and I just stayed in constantly. I managed to get big into forums at that time and as such whatever guy I used to be is gone. I still miss going out a bit, but I can't really do it anymore.
Ever day...Every second...

I am a creature formed of the moment, like everything in time's cycle.

Each new thought, each new scar, makes me a new person...constantly reborn with the universe yet barely changing shape...
Soon, soon the flesh
The grave cave ate will be
At home on me

And I a smiling woman.
I am only thirty.
And like the cat I have nine times to die.

This is Number Three.
What a trash
To annihilate each decade.
Happened once. When lost the love of my life.

You just would for it shatters the very depth of one's being.

Thats a really good way to put. And yes I've died at least one in this matter maybe more. I never wish anyone to feel this way. Its worse than anything I've ever felt.
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I should also mention that this thread has but one answer.

"Everyone dies at least once":}
Most of my life changes happen gradually. I'm not remotely the same person I was many years ago, and I've had life changing experiences, but most of them take a while for the change to really take hold. The one experience that feels like what you're talking about happened MANY years ago, when I was in 2nd grade. Its when I started thinking about religion, and decided to leave christianity. Felt like I had finally woken up from the daze of simply obeying my parents and how they wanted me to be, and started living MY life. In fact, it was so life changing I tend to pretend anything that happened to me before then actually happened to someone else, so I don't like thinking about it.
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I think I had what you're talking about happen to me once about 20 years. At the time I called it a Paradigm shift in my thinking. It was as if I walked through a door from one dimension into another and closed the door behind me. My world was rocked. I had visions. One day I perceived a beam of white light flowing from beneath me, through me, and out the top of my head into infinity.
The experience lasted about 2 weeks and then I settled into my newly transformed self.
I was - and still am - profoundly grateful for the death and rebirth of me.
I had one early on when I was a kid, my mother had complications at birth with my brother Rick, and Rick was born 3 months premature and had massive heart surgery, collapsed lungs the whole shebang, and my mother almost died like 5 times during the surgeries. I spent a lot of this time with my father or with various relatives when my father was gone, he wasn't exactly in the picture so much right then. I spent weeks crying in the hospital chapel thinking my mother and brother were dead or dying, didnt have anyone to really explain it to me.

That kind of always tampered the way I saw things I think, like death doesnt bother me anymore, hasnt since around then. And with that its like a freeing thing, to be able to appreciate the beauty of existence and how lucky and how one in a zillion it is just to exist at all, it makes life taste like chocolate, all bittersweet but very satisfying. That whole discussion about beauty at the end of American beauty makes me tear up every single time. Ive always felt that way.
I thought about it carefully, only counting those times where I was fundamentally changed afterward.

Six times - 2 were bad, 2 were mind-blowing, 1 was good, and 1 was bad at the time, but came to be seen as very, very good in the after.


Three times.

The first time was when I fell and love and was rejected.

The second time was when my body attacked me and my soul almost perished.

The third was when I realized that memory is temporary.

1st Time - I gave up my dreams and plans. I threw away my art, I gave up the guitar, and I shut myself away from myself and God because of what happened.

2nd Time- I lost another dream. I went through a MASSIVE depression.

Now I feel great! Even when I have bad days, I know I can't give up until I try everything possible to be successful.
God this is real tough question for me. I am not sure about this. But i can say i am alive forever.
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I never had a near-death experience. I've never had an earth-shattering one either.

It's kind of funny in a way, that I once wanted to experience something like that. Something that would really make me re-think and change my philosophy on life. But that's like waiting for a bus at a random point in the city. The odds of one stopping are there, but they aren't necessarily great odds either.

You gotta be the change you want to see and all that crap. Still working on getting that through my head.