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How big are you


Time Lord
Oct 7, 2009
Florida man
So do INFJs suffer from (or enjoy) delusions of (or wants of) Grandeur?
I don't. Quite the opposite. I tend to have an inferiority complex. I'm only important in my imagination.
delusions of grandeur...yes...but were also very modest little creatures so those delusions..well they stay that way...Im my own little world I am queen of all that is! ME !! HAHAHAHAH! But Ill never tell anyone that...errr....uhm...yea
I have an inferiority complex, yet I am disappointed by people and situations often.

I over idealize a lot in my life.
What 'delusions' are we speaking of here? For instance, I'm not suffering from the delusion that I should really be the President of the United States.

I do think I am a great person though, which some would think is delusional. Especially my exes.
Well, i can be pretty judgmental which means i sometimes think too much of my own opinion, but i have an inferiority complex as well, so idk.
Yes I do.

Sometimes I imagine myself running over the world and having these kinds of powers that I would use to help humanity. I imagine being a secret super hero sort of like Spiderman except with no ridiculous costume and having these bad-ass techniques of how I would stop a murderer shooting his gun but instead turning into snakes thanks to my powers. Man, I can stay like this forever and I actually feel the adrenaline in my veins, the goosebumps of having accomplished all this in my mind. Then I go to sleep and have good dreams. Wow, I love my life:D
I do too... but it's mostly because I often feel alien to the world I'm in.
grandeur...but its no a delusion, its a fact. :m185:
No delusions of grandeur here. My philosophy and attitude can be summed up by Rick in "Casablanca" when he says the problems of the 3 little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this world.

I do however, ironically, suffer from delusions of efficacy. I think I can fix everything or I think my actions have more meaning than they really do..which is funny because that's completely illogical if I believe the first thing.
A little bit of delusions of grandeur is good for the ego. Besides wanting to be loved, being important and autonomous ranks high in people's emotional needs.
:m083: If i could describe just how wonderful i am, i'm not sure i'd find the words. Hmm.