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Describe your Evil side


Aug 19, 2009
"Describe you DARK side" <---edited

tell us of what's it like when you feel "evil", don't know if this making sense, but tell us why you might lean towards the evil side sometimes, and what would you do or act like when your devil takes over.

I feel evil, when I am hatefull or resntful and that happens when I am hurt or got abused by someone or something. I critisize destructively and I become rude, mean and vengeful. I simply radiate negativity and destruction....but for some reason I also feel carefree and a lil on the crazy side.

what about you?
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you'll be de-railing my thread if you do
...but do it anyways, because I am curious
I can be very sadistic. While my morals always get in the way of me actively hurting another, I often laugh at another's pain. On roller coasters, I'm laughing my ass off because the person behind me is screaming their ass off. Thats why I never ride them alone, its no fun.

Also, I have developed a ratehr perfect evil laugh, just to scare people.
An "evil" side would suggest that I would be temporarily losing all sense morality and values that I hold. This would never happen. However, when under stress, my values or direction can be distorted which would lead me to make mistakes which would run contrary to my beliefs and how I should act according to them. Even then, any decision or action that I make, regardless of the amount of stress I'm under, would always serve to deliver results for what I considered to be right at the time. Now, the way in which I deal with or approach these issues is where the distortion or confusion would come in. So "evil" is a wholly inaccurate and misleading term to use.
I care too much about others for me to have a true evil side. While I might dislike someone very much, I would never wish ill things upon them. I don't even really play pranks on people very much for this reason. So really, I don't think I have an evil side. I do however, have a dark side to myself, but that only comes out when I am alone.
My dark side is apparent when I am being too judgmental, self-involved, and unyielding.

Edit: (to steal someone else's) - withdrawn and passive-aggressive (very good at this one in particular)
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My dark side....

... is usually provoked by two-faced people.

My desire is to ruin their facade and to bring their ambitions to humiliating failure.

In other words, I get an evil delight in wiping the smirk off dishonest people's faces."
(I almost never give in to this impulse).
My darkside is never conspicuous, and always full of spite, jealousy and selfishness. I know what makes people tick, and I'm pretty apt at manipulating others. If I want to be, I can be a rather convincing liar, and unscrupulously take advantage of the fact that people do trust me to "do the right thing" and do the exact opposite. The only time that I get like this is when I am pissed off to the core (which is generally a rather rare thing; people don't get under my skin all that easily... and it just as rare to catch me that off guard). And I don't usually show this side of myself to anyone but people who I feel really do deserve it.

Fortunately, I have a conscience roughly the size of the African continent that keeps that "evil" side in check about 90% of the time.
My dark side?

Completely insane, absolutely terrifying, not something you ever want to be around.
Short fused
Critical/fault finding
Apathetic or so emotional it's like I'm on drugs
and just a plain ***
*Note: not all at the same time (at least I think) Just more likely to experience this*

I don't think I could ever lose all my morals. But I can defiantly see my potential to be "dark".

I usually if I behave in one of these ways. I come out with a lot of self hate/shame so I try not to fall into it in the first place.
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Petty, vengeful, withdrawn, passive-aggressive, etc. It brings out the pussy in me. I take so long thinking about the things I get mad about, that by the time I should confront the person I have already forgotten about it and am not mad enough to do anything about it. I just write the person off and pretend they dont exist.
When no one sees it coming from a blonde chick who was frequently underestimated by intellectuals. Then again, perhaps this isn't evil, but necessary. :m105:
It's when I'm judgemental. Sometimes I think something bad of a person or feel like doing something I know I shouldn't do. It scares me. Sometimes though it can be bitterly sarcastic or make rude comments or just be plain rude.
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Haha, I like playing with my dark side sometimes. I can be sarcastic, scathing, critical, etc -- maybe it's something about being best friends with an ESTP, but I can really let go of emotions and be an insensitive bitch. And sometimes, it's nice to be in an environment where I can embrace that.

But I don't like doing that out of my control. In other words, I don't like hurting people I love, but I can be passive-aggressive and sensitive when I care for people.

Buuut if they can take it, it feels good to dish it out sometimes :D
My 'evil' side is capable of finding and triggering a persons insecurities causing the person to act aggressively, and humiliate themselves publicly, then I follow up with a manipulation that ends up making me look like the good guy. I am not inclined to do this often except in the most extreme circumstances.

Yeah my evil side is pretty sneaky

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