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Do you read fantasy, have you thought of writing?

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Shai Gar

Who here reads fantasy?

Who here has toyed with making a fantasy world?
Here's a quick sketch of a world map i just made.

I made a few out of boredom. It's a hobbie.
I write fantasy, and yes, I have created my own world.

I've devoured quite a bit of fantasy literature in my highschool days. I don't have much time to read anything now, really. I'll occassionally pick up a light read from an established series, such as Forgotten Realms or any of Terry Pratchett's books, but I'm not hardcore into it anymore.
I have a hard time reading anything but nonfiction.
I really liked the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. It was my first 'fantasy' to read. Don't have much time to read for fun though... :-/
yes I read fantasy a lot!!! :m096:

I have a fantasy world since I was a child.. I always imagine it.. and still do:m105:
My first intimate relationship was when I was 15. We never had sex, although he really wanted to, but we were ridiculously in over our heads. We were both helpless hopeless romantics and he was an amazing artist. Anyway, I was a very dedicated Christian and my parents were beyond strict. He seemed to really like this fact because his parents weren't and he knew how innocent and naive I was. While I was busy being in love with him, I truly believe he was merely infatuated with me. Anyway, one of our major ways of communicating at the time was through the written word, and his spectacular art. So we had this notebook, well we had a few. We wrote a story together, filled with illustrations, and it was our alternate world/universe with no boundaries and we could be whomever we wanted.

Yes, it was extremely romantic, and thinking of it now, I can still see the beauty of it all. But it was just another way to keep me in a bubble... and I realized as much as I still love fiction, it is better to be with someone who sees you and wants to be with you in reality as well...

I still write all the time though.
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D: I can randomly doodle and call it a fantasy world too Shai :)
Who want's to create a fantasy world map, and then help me populate it with races of sapient beings?
i recently discovered The Wheel Of time series by Robert Jordan, im addictied to it.
I made a few out of boredom. It's a hobbie.

Yeah, used to be a hobby of mine too but now I just don't have the time to get engrossed in reading anything and I've sort of started writing songs instead.
I used to write fantasy worlds all the time, though I never finished them.
I always trail onto new ideas or concepts and leave the old ones behind.
I love fantasy! I think I live there some of the time to cope with the crappiness of the real world. I'd rather read it than mysteries or crime thrillers. My ISFP boyfriend loves those, but they just remind me why people suck, althoug I'll probably give Dean Koontz (sp?) a try. But Terry Goodkind rocks! The amount of research he had to do on pretty much every subject he talked about is astounding. I also love David Eddings (INFJ?), R.A. Salvatore (also?), and the Dragonlance books. I don't think I could write my own world, though, but I give an inordinate amount of props to people who can. George Lucas is a form of genius! But, no, there are way too many details involved in the creation and management of one's own world and population. I'm having enough issues dealing with this one! Haha!
I've made fantasy worlds. I don't have full books or anything written though.
I make fantasy battles sometimes. I'll draw the terrain then position the opposing armies and such...usually when I'm bored during class.

Right now I'm reading Nine Princes in Amber and am liking it. Normally I'm more of a sci-fi guy but I'll read anything if it has good Machiavellian intrigue.
Great series to read is "The Sword of Truth" series by Terry Goodkind. Eleven books of fantasy at it's best. The first book is titled "Wizard's First Rule".
Terry Goodkinds good.
I've read the naked empire i think by him.

the dark mirror is also good. by Juliet Marillier.

I still like my sci fi books from the warhammer 40k universe and the fantasy books from warhammer fantasy ;)