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Adult women cry 2 hours, 14 minutes a week


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May 13, 2009
Wow. I know tears come to my eyes when i hit my elbow, or unexpectedly if air blows in them... but that's about it.
This news also just in...

56% of statistics are made up.
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I'm sorry, don't cry! :m079:
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That all seems sort of ridiculous.

What do women cry in their sleep now?
I mean how does one even find the time to cry two hrs a week?
That's very inaccurate in my case. I just don't seem to cry ever. I do maybe once or twice a year.
I think it's pretty inaccurate for most INxx women. But remember, that's the *average.* If we're not crying, how much crying are other women doing?!

I'll cry if I see a sad movie/show or read a sad book, but on the whole I don't cry that much. Something pretty darn sad has to happen to make me cry.

I wonder if it has anything to do with being married or single. Or fights with boyfriends and all that.
Well I know a few girls who cry at the drop of a hat. They're usually the sort which creates the vast majority of the problems they cry over, too. Whether it be through their actions or by just making problems where there aren't any.
I cry quite often actually, usually when I'm very tired. I get easily frustrated at moments like that. But it's not only about sad things. I can cry when I'm happy for instance, for somebody being nice to me, movies, music that moves me,.. But at moments like this I don't feel sad, there's just too much emotion that seeks its way out.. I can't explain it any better. I also don't see it as a bad thing. Most of the time I feel lucky that I'm able to feel all these things, that some people can't, or at least not to that extent. Sometimes it's a curse though :)
I hardly ever cry, I have to be really upset for it to happen.
I have full on cried twice this year. I anticipate a third time and that'll be it. More then ever I think.
I'm having a really hard time believing this. They must have made a mistake. I'm sure some women cry a lot, but I seriously doubt that most cry this much.
I cry maybe every 3-6 months. It'd be nice to be able to cry more often, it is a healthy release and whenever I do cry I'm always glad I'm actually crying.

I hate statistics like this. Such bullshit. Doesn't speak for me, so stfu, researchers.
I cry somewhat often, but goodness.

I guess you could say about 2-20 minutes once every 1 to 2 months.
Maybe some of these women have like...permanent pms...
I wonder if I can start picking out these over-criers by watching who has red puffy eyes.

I know I don't cry that much in a quarter.

Who did the polling for these statistics?