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Adult women cry 2 hours, 14 minutes a week

I'm a widow - Aug 14th made it six months - I probably took care of a few years worth in just one day. ---Note that this has not been the usual pattern over a long period of time.
The article keeps referring to adult women crying because of falling out with a partner or being tired. That sounds like they are referring to people in emotionally charged, unstable relationships. Falling out with a partner on a weekly basis also seems a bit extreme, but maybe it happens as the norm like they suggest?

I cried the most when I was a teenager away at a boarding school, when going through a divorce, when my mom had cancer, or some other large-scale external event was causing grief, but not on a weekly basis like they describe. Others wouldn't have known about it at the time. I certainly don't do it now much at all.
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