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A heart that never wavers...


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May 11, 2008
What do you suppose it is like to have such a thing? Is it possible to have such a thing? Would it be good or bad?
To have a heart that never wavers means that you will not question if you truly love or care about someone. This has to be done or else you could easily blindly "fall in love" with someone. As falling in love is a process, not something that suddenly occurs. While most of this is subconscious, there is still a level of processing that occurs consciously. Subconsciously, much processing goes on as well. Questioning and thinking that goes on the surface. to say someone has a heart that never wavers, is someone who takes things at face value, and disregards anything bad that appears. This would just cause pain in the person.

I think a better way to say this is to say if someone has a sense of loyalty that never wavers. A heart has to go into question, it is a necessity. Loyalty, in the sense of love can't waver, because then love can't be formed. Of course loyalty has to be formed in the first place. This comes from trust, and the formation of love. If loyalty wavers, then love will dissolve. This is because loyalty in the sense of love, have a symbiotic relationship. If you question loyalty, you question love in a negitive sense. You are breaking two things that are needed with each other. If loyalty (earned, honest loyalty) is in place, love and the heart can waver and question to be sure of things in the saftey that something will not break.

Non-wavering hearts do exist, but they are painful to the person who posseses it. They are also incapable of forming true love with someone.
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Oh, I think hearts waver all over the place, but assuming this happens between certain parameters, it is just part of being human. We should expect a certain degree of flux. It may even be a sign of true growth.

I do think over time certain realities/ideas can settle into permanence deep with in us, and those would not waver. They have been tried and tested. The expression and application of these might fluxuate though, simply as a means of experimentation and further integration.
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I think a heart that never wavers describes someone that loves, always loves, and has faith in that love, no matter what.

I think this is an ideal that can be strived for. I am not sure if a heart could never, ever , ever waver. I also dont rule it out.

I think it is the extremes that define the continuum.

One end is a heart that is completely devoid of love (perhaps this could be in death), and at the other end is someone whose heart never, ever, ever wavers. This could be someone who is enlightened. Although even someone who is enlightened has the ten worlds: (hell, anger, animality, hunger, ect)

So I think that this is complex
I think unwavering hearts belong to ISTJs etc, not INFJs
Come to think about it:
An unwavering heart could be blind, mindless, fanatism. The person never thinks for themselves or questions anything.

Great question
When I first read this, I didn't think of a person.. It was more about a person's principles or way of life, dreams etc. They are things a person lives for, things that have too much meaning and can't be helped. You will always be drawn to them, always want to persist.. Even after years of turmoil, physical signs showing on your body, you can't help but keep going; and they continue to bring you too much joy to divert to another way
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